ep64b-Pay for truth?

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A discussion with Chris Kendall, Aybesea, Markus Allen, and Ab Irato.

Show notes: http://www.truthin7minutes.com/is-it-ethical-to-charge-for-truth

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20 thoughts on “ep64b-Pay for truth?

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  3. Gabriel

    I enjoy listening to Markus but I would not pay to attend his calls. One thing I have noticed about the controlled opposition is that most all of them want money. Its not just the fake truthers, I see it with the fake preachers as well. I was looking into religion and on youtube there are people paid to skew religion e.g. Chris White among many others. I have come to the conclusion that most every fakery in life is backed by paid government workers toiling away at the lie. What has me perplexed is how could there be that many people appearing to be passionate telling the lie. I cannot imagine myself having to do Alex Jone’s job every day lying to his fellow citizens. Or, I could not imagine being a scientist writing books to promote the lies. These people seem to be motivated for more than just money. My guess is also that they get some extra benefit in their contract the more people that pay them. If people are paying them it shows their management how good they are screwing their audience. Lots to think about.

    1. ala samoan

      Good post I agree Gabrial

      I think the the problem is not weather TRUTH should be free, the problem is that by using a paywall to generate a income ($12000 a month is not play $$) Markus has automatically tarnished his reputation and the message he shares.

      Markus has by default, put himself in a BOX. In that box are all the gatekeepers spreading their disinfo. It doesn\’t matter if Markus is sharing his opinion on truth, or if he is generally trying to help people with solutions, he has still put himself in that BOX.

      Most of us know by now not to TRUST those in that box

      Markus Allan\’s prospective on truth comes from other sources, such as Allan Watt, forums (that\’s where he got the “at least” newspaper headline) Bill Cooper (listen to Bill Cooper\’s talks) Markus will use Coopers references or statements as if it\’s his own and believe it or not the movie The Truman Show” Of course there is nothing wrong with this but if some of your biggest statements are from other thinkers don\’t label yourself “the most critical thinker in the world”


      1. UNreal

        lol, if he fakes ID’s what would stop him?
        the comment in this thread by Aaron J. uses exactly the same arguments i heard promoted by Allen in his “free” speach yesterday, wouldn’t you agree ?

    1. Aaron Johnson

      You think I’m Markus Allen? Maaan if you heard my voice or saw my face you would not confuse me with him. Trust me on that. I got plenty comments on this site and if you think those came from Markus Allen then that’s on you but there is no way I’m him. I just think the whole pay wall conversation is silly and I don’t understand what the big fuss is.

      1. UNreal

        hi Aaaron,

        when you write 7 lines of commentary, coincidentally with the same arguments as Allen’s,,,
        seems to me you understand very well what the fuzz is.

        further, if you feel the debate is silly,,, isn’t it silly to participate ?

          1. UNreal

            @Aaron Johnson

            Ab Irato states in his commentary that he will be happy to have you on a call, and thats great!
            i’d be very interested in listening to your discussion on air, hopefully live as to be available for any comment.

    2. Aaron Johnson

      That got me worked up so I need to say more. I know I sounded a little like Markus because I said I liked everybody’s stuff but I was just saying there’s no reason for people who have good information to go back and forth about something so petty. It’s childish to me. If you really want to know who I am I have no problem giving my contact info and we can talk

      1. UNreal

        A convincing argument, this proves me completely wrong on the ID question.
        glad to know you are both real Aaron & Marcus.

        paid and restricted content is of course another subject

  4. UNreal

    i am surprised Marcus Allen needs all this attention.

    definetely supicious he “allows” one call from a listener that seems,,, a plant.
    i remember also how Allen took on false identities on Fakeologist radio.

    one fake, it’s all fake.

    on the paying side, Allen’s website quality & arguments just don’t hold up.
    Allen is making an argument for that paid and restricted content is actually good.

    i’m sorry, this is nonsensical.
    that is why he needed to sway with numbers and money.

    if M Allen had worked just as hard that he does after charging fo restricted content ,,,
    his information would have reached more people and he would have improved his “numbers”.

    simple as that.

  5. Aaron Johnson

    I’m surprised that there are so many people hurt over a pay wall. Maybe it’s because I’m not directly involved but I don’t mind that Markus charges for information and calls. Good for him. I think it’s a good idea and I see where he’s coming from. Chris chooses not to charge for calls and I really like that too. Tim I like your site and I’m on it every day. And I like some of the stuff the other Tim has to say. I don’t understand the bickering and hurt feelings over a pay wall. I prefer listening to stuff about psyops, media fakery, and information that can help me. Arguing about a pay wall is silly to me.

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