ep66-Caesar’s Messiah with Joseph Atwill

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Showtime: Saturday, September 28, 2013, 7:11pm EDT (7, not 9)

Is Jesus Christ and Christianity the ultimate ?

Yes, we will go there with Joseph Atwill of caesarsmessiah.com/blog/



While many might consider this a third-rail topic, we will be looking at the concept strictly from a psyOp or mind control perspective. No disrespect is intended to those followers of Christianity.


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11 thoughts on “ep66-Caesar’s Messiah with Joseph Atwill

  1. Herge Degrelle

    The first guy was an either-or black and white thinker:

    I wanna hold your hand good, Let’s do it in the road bad

    1950’s coffee, amphetamines and beer good, psychedelics bad

    counterculture bad and controlled, traditional dufusculture good and not controlled

    fables and esoteric codes bad, materialistic and non-esoteric codes good

    Boring – almost like reading Ayn Rand

    It was hilarious that just as soon as he finished his lecture about ‘the archaic revival’ and how all rock music was tribal mind-control and it’s better not to listen to any, you played your show id, which has some kick-ass drummer banging banging away on the drums, making a racket that never even existed before the 1960’s, non-stop. lol

    The second guy ‘Chub,’ on the other hand, is interested in filling in gray areas, whiter shade of gray here, blacker shade of gray there. Most things are a negotiation to him but only to determine degrees of truth and falsehood, strengthen principles with gradated examples, not to obfuscate them.

    Chipping away at and unraveling cognitive dissonance carefully is a hell of a lot more instructive than being presumptuous enough to think you can do it all in one fell swoop.

    Did it never occur to Irvin and Atwell that the so-called ties of the ‘Psychedelic gurus’ like McKenna, Wasson and Leary to the CIA could have been manufactured to discredit them in the eyes of the counterculture they were trying to lead ? I mean how hard is it to send out an undercover agent for a photo-opportunity or a drug-deal with one of these guys or get them to meet a CIA contact and fake transcripts of their conversations ? Not very hard at all.

    “Separate the lock from the key and the best place to hide is right out in the open. So if they create enough cognitive dissonance, will we ever know where the lies end and the truth begins ? ” — Nemo Denovo
    “Religious feeling is therefore a character inherent in the very structure of the human mind, and is the expression of a need which must be recognized by the biologist as neither superficial nor transitory. It must be admitted that some philosophers and men of science have at times denied to the religious impulses of man their true dignity and importance. Impelled perhaps by a desire to close the circle of a materialistic conception of the universe, they have tended to belittle the significance of such phenomena as they were unable to reconcile with their principles and bring within the iron circle of their doctrine. To deal with religion in this way has not only been an outrage upon true scientific method, but has always led to a strong reaction in general opinion against any radical inquiry by science into the deeper problems of man’s nature and status. A large and energetic reaction of this kind prevails to-day. There can be little doubt that it was precipitated, if not provoked, by attempts to force a harsh and dogmatic materialism into the status of a general philosophy. As long as such a system is compelled to ignore, to depreciate, or to deny the reality of such manifestly important phenomena as the altruistic emotions, the religious needs and feelings, the experiences of awe and wonder and beauty, the illumination of the mystic, the rapture of the prophet, the unconquerable endurance of the martyr, so long must it fail in its claims to universality. It is therefore necessary to lay down with the strongest emphasis the proposition that the religious needs and feelings of man are a direct and necessary manifestation of the inheritance of instinct with which he is born, and therefore deserve consideration as respectful and observation as minute as any other biological phenomenon.” ~ Instincts of the Herd in Peace and War, Wilfred Trotter 1916

    “The main message, the main message of Michael Tsarion to the world is to never leave consciousness at the door. So that we always understand, we remain vigilant to understand that no matter how many permutations this great war takes and how many violations there are, both political and economic or social, let us never leave consciousness at the door, let us never forget that the real war is a war on consciousness. It’s a psychic war, a psychic dictatorship. I constantly emphasize this throughout all my work and it’s the key. Because we think of colonization or colonialization primarily in political terms. We have to learn to think of those as mental or spiritual or psychic terms, a colonization of the mind. It’s vital for us to be vigilant and aware of that all the time. And there’s many tentacles of that colonization, many tentacles of this war on consciousness.” — Michael Tsarion

    “The ego has all the chaos and havoc going on in the world perpetually. Every day there’s something to troubleshoot. Constant conflict, constant upheaval, constant domestic minutiae. In order to perpetuate its own existence the ego uses what we call conflict. If you’re observing you’ll see conflict in your life everywhere, even when it’s just driving the car or going to the store, conflict at work, conflict with the neighbors, conflict with the builders, conflict with the contractors, all this perpetual conflict on level after level and tier after tier. It’s all actually by design. It’s all there because the ego gets a booster out of it, the same as flexing a muscle when you’re weight training. The ego is nothing but a psychic muscle and it breeds on conflict. Of course, what does that do for us? It wastes a lot of our life energy, a lot of our chi which goes into troubleshooting a life full of conflict. This results in the stressed life that everyone is living and nobody knows how to take it back to the problem of the ego. And then, of course, when the trouble gets really bad, the ego comes in and says ‘oh I’ll help you, we’ve got gurus.’ The adventures of the inauthentic life, renovation, you hate the life you’re living but you just try to decorate it better? Well this is when gurus come in. Of course the ego knows that this house is in absolute disarray, so with gurus you bring in the super-organizers, not to take you out of the tower but to decorate the tower: ‘oh, we’ll streamline this place for you! We’ll super-organize your inner architecture and that’ll be brilliant.’ Short term solutions.

    Another thing you’ve got to realize about the ego is that what we call myth and what we call history is the ego taking notes.. Just like you might keep a journal about your day-to-day existence in which you write down notes, the ego has been taking notes from the moment of its inception, and that journal is mythology. So when people say all the mythological characters seem to be the same, well, yeah, they all have the same author. Everyone has one thing in common all over the world, a brain, an ego. So we have to realize that there is a diary being kept as this ego progresses down through the millennium. And it’s not a diary being kept by the soul as people like Jung thought, it’s a diary being kept by the ego to commemorate and memorialize its own movement because the essence of the ego is narcissism. The ego is like this crazy director with a bullhorn, a Cecil B. De Mille and the parts of history that it likes the best it likes to replay. That’s why you have this constant replay mythologically speaking.”
    — Michael Tsarion on Red Ice Radio 1/18/ 2007

    Michael Tsarion Archives


    Terence McKenna Archives


    “From the alienated starting-point of our pseudo-sanity everything is equivocal. Our sanity is not ‘true’ sanity. Their madness is not ‘true’ madness. Our ‘normal,’ adjusted state is too often the abdication of ecstasy, the betrayal of our true potentialities, that many of us are only too successful in acquiring a false self to adapt to these realities” — R. D. Laing

    “The system wants you to fight the systems that are already in place.” — Celtic Rebel

  2. ala samoan

    I also listened to Joseph Atwill on Transiter Radio podcast last week, where he admitted he was Jesuit trained in Japan, once a Jesuit always a Jesuit.

    The main problem with his thesis is he’s describing and using Catholicism as a Christian faith that follows and believes in Christ’s teachings. Catholicism is not Christianity, they do not follow the teachings of Christ, Catholicism does not use the word of God as its foundation. Catholicism is a cult. It has nothing to do with Christianity at all.

    Don’t be deceived by this Joseph Atwill “character” he is a deceiver of men.

  3. Herge Degrelle

    A story, any fable, no matter how old and ‘venerated’ by how many close-minded pricks, always sets up its own dialectic of behaviors, its own conditionings that are transmitted from generation to generation. Being ‘belief based’ instead of reason-based is a mental virus in itself. These dialectics are flipsides of the coin in Islam and Christianity. At one time Christianity was just as medieval as some of the Sharia Islam countries are today. When you look beyond the surface these two religions are not all that different and come from the same Abrahamic root. They are psychological means of control. Charles Giuliani has done a lot of shows on this topic, but he tends to be over-emotional, unstable and inconsistent, goes off on too many tangents and never gives his sources. Still, every once-in-a-while he ends up with a solid show full of useful clues for other researchers.

    The radio shows should be on your very first page. They’re the main attraction. The rest of the posts should play second-fiddle, not the audios. People shouldn’t have to find and click on the proper icon twice and wait some 20 to 30 seconds to get to this page I’m on now. When you first switched to this new website format I couldn’t even find where the radio shows were for a couple of days. The pages themselves also take at least 10 to 20 seconds more to open than on many other sites, giving you that feeling that they might be locked for a while. When I click on the link to get to this page, I know it’s going to take a while to open and I go to some other window to do other stuff. You want to minimize people doing that, since they might stay there and not come back. Their energy is limited. Have them expend it here instead of somewhere else.

    Ernst Zundel in Conversation with Dr. Frederick Toben 1997


    1. ab Post author

      Thanks Herge. I put the site on cloudflare to help speed it up. I’m not too sure what else to do at this point. I did have the radio stuff on a separate site, but that too was confusing. Here at least there is one login. I do appreciate your input.
      It was suggested to me that the whole Zundel episode was a psyOp. Have you ever looked at it that way?

      1. Herge Degrelle

        Yes I have and it makes no sense whatsoever. It’s more likely that all of Clues Forum is a ‘PsyOp’ than the laws on the books putting you in prison in all the countries where revisionists are imprisoned, being a ‘PsyOp. Again, this can be tested, for anyone that has the balls, or has some time to kill in prison or money to pay big fines, by just going to Germany or any of the other 16 countries and start reading WWII revisionist writings in public. Horst Mahler is now doing a combined 12 years by the way. How would you like to do 12 years for thought crimes against the Jewish version of history ? Actually you can test your own ‘hate speech laws’ in Canada too if you want, making strong emotions illegal. Ever hear of Arthur Topham ? Here’s shill Makow doing a little ‘limited hangout’ by sticking up for him, so that later he can push other BS (like the National Socialists did not eliminate usury and create economic success in Germany) better:


        As far as your website’s user-friendliness goes, I would definitely put this


        as your very first page. As soon as people get on here, this should be what they see. Instant access to the radio shows, not to that Bitlove stuff and another icon to choose away from that other stuff called ‘radio archives’ to click on in order to get here. Put that ‘Bit Love’ stuff either on top of this page or on the right side by the chat box. Most people will listen through regular downloads rather than torrent downloads because it’s much quicker.


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