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Mexican lies

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Mexican police suspect robbery was motive in brutal beating that killed Canadian artist   Toronto StarThe ongoing psyOp against Mexico continues. I have always been told (as I relayed these brutal stories) by relatives in Mexico that while there is crime like anywhere, no-one has seen or experienced some of the brutal stories like this. Thanks to the psyOp occult numerology signatures marked up here, there’s no reason to believe this story. For the record, most Mexicans are wonderful, family oriented people. Unfortunately, they are being subjected to the brutal media assault that has clearly gone worldwide. Let’s hope they can resist as we are trying.

Even though I know most of the stories of brutality are false now, I have to admit, the desired effect to keep tourists out of Mexico has been working on me for years. Perhaps it will abate, but it’s more proof that the false media’s power can be overwhelming, even for fakeologists.

Marcia Dworkin, 72, died Tuesday, never regaining consciousness after a Sept. 16 beating at her home in San Miguel de Allende, a town favoured by expatriates.

via Mexican police suspect robbery was motive in brutal beating that killed Canadian artist | Toronto Star.


We are told www.thestar.com/authors.gallan… is the author of this story. Clicking the link leads to many of his “stories”, most of which all smell like psyOp soup. I won’t go through them all, but this one www.thestar.com/news/gta/2013/… is odd. What mother have you ever met who bathed their kids twice a day? Does every newspaper have a resident liar now? Is it that obvious?

93% think the moon landings were a hoax!

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From covers we’d like to see…

I did the cover, now I need fellow fakeologists to start writing the story. I figure if they can fudge the news, then so can we! Let’s me start it off.

(FP-Fakeologist News Service for Newsweek) A recent survey by the Duplicity Survey Corporation for the We Want Reality Movement indicates that a whopping 93% of all Americans believe that the Apollo 11 moon landings were a hoax. Of that group, 65% think that Stanley Kubrick was the lead director in creating the made-for-TV movie. Almost 33% of those surveyed agree that Kubrick faked his death. At least 1500 of those surveyed are sure that NASA continues to lie, including the entire space shuttle project and the ISS. Of the total 9,110 respondents, 1100 were sure the latest lies about Mars and finding H20 evidence is a complete fabrication. A whopping 12 out of 13 respondents believe that the remaining 7% of the population who believe the NASA lies should in fact be launched to Mars, since there’s almost no likelihood that they’d get past the earth’s atmosphere, let alone into space.fakeologist times

Create a magazine cover

Make a newspaper clipping

The tools are there for you fakeologists – start generating and distributing your version of the news. After all, they are!

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Sextortion photos fakery

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There’s nothing in this story that is believable, if you know even a bit about technology. If you’re like the great unwashed Ipad masses, it probably makes perfect sense. Ironically, the part that makes the least amount of sense is that a teenager would willingly strip in front of a webcam.

All you oldtimers cast your cobwebbed mind back: how hard was it to get your first teenage girlfriend to show even a bare shoulder? Most girls are quite self-conscious, yes even today, and are quite unlikely to strip for anyone, including a close boyfriend.

So I say, if this hacker has the secret that all young men have been seeking forever, please tell us how you can convince any female (without alcohol) to remove her clothes. You could be the next (real, not contrived) Hugh Hefner (Playboy, a nudie magazine for your youngsters).

 A college student was arrested Thursday for allegedly hijacking the webcams of young women — among them reigning Miss Teen USA Cassidy Wolf — taking nude images, then blackmailing his victims to send him more explicit material or else be exposed.

via Sextortion photos | WTVR.com.

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