Mexican lies

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Mexican police suspect robbery was motive in brutal beating that killed Canadian artist   Toronto StarThe ongoing against continues. I have always been told (as I relayed these brutal stories) by relatives in Mexico that while there is crime like anywhere, no-one has seen or experienced some of the brutal stories like this. Thanks to the psyOp occult numerology signatures marked up here, there’s no reason to believe this story. For the record, most Mexicans are wonderful, family oriented people. Unfortunately, they are being subjected to the brutal media assault that has clearly gone worldwide. Let’s hope they can resist as we are trying.

Even though I know most of the stories of brutality are false now, I have to admit, the desired effect to keep tourists out of Mexico has been working on me for years. Perhaps it will abate, but it’s more proof that the false media’s power can be overwhelming, even for fakeologists.

Marcia Dworkin, 72, died Tuesday, never regaining consciousness after a Sept. 16 beating at her home in San Miguel de Allende, a town favoured by expatriates.

via Mexican police suspect robbery was motive in brutal beating that killed Canadian artist | Toronto Star.


We are told… is the author of this story. Clicking the link leads to many of his 0;stories”, most of which all smell like psyOp soup. I won’t go through them all, but this one… is odd. What mother have you ever met who bathed their kids twice a day? Does every newspaper have a resident liar now? Is it that obvious?

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  1. Herge Degrelle

    Surrender in the Culture Wars

    It All Over, Don´t it?

    September, 5, 2013

    Note: WHile I try to read all email and answer what I can, and find almost all of it interesting and thoughtful, I get swamped. Nobody likes being ignored, and I don’t like doing it, but sometimes it isn’t avoidable. Apologies.

    How the hell did it happen?

    I lived, 1951 to 1956, aged six to eleven, in the Arlington suburbs of Washington and, ´56 to´57, in smalltown Athens, Alabama, and eighth grade through high school in rural King George County, Virginia, graduating in 1964. Another country. Another world. What happened?

    The Arlington of then was entirely white, peopled largely by men several years back from World War Two, enjoying the fantastic surge in prosperity following the war. The dominant culture, the only culture, was that of Reader´s Digest, clean cut, honest, and confident. We watched the Mousketeers, all soap and good manners. We joined the Boy Scouts, and were told to be trustworthy, loyal, helpful, friendly, courteous, kind, obedient, cheerful, thrifty, brave, clean, and reverent. We were, at least sorta, most of those. Pornography meant monitoring the advance of Annette Funicello´s bustline.

    At age eight I walked every morning the perhaps six blocks to Robert E. Lee Elementary School, alone. Why not? There was nothing to be afraid of. My friends and I rode to Westover, the shopping center on Washington Boulevard, and left our bikes on the sidewalk for hours while we read comic books in the drug store. Why not? Nobody stole bikes. My family never locked the doors of the house. Why should we? There weren´t any burglars.

    And in summer evenings thirty kids, girls and boys, played hide-and-seek across several blocks, and parents didn´t give it a thought. Why should they? It was safe. We were the dominant culture, the only culture, and we didn´t do pederasty, engage in gang attacks, or muggings, or drive fast on kid-littered streets. It wasn´t our way. If we had suffered a natural disaster, no one would have looted. It wasn´t what we did.

    I´m not sure what would have happened if a gang of high-schoolers had robbed a candy store. It was impossible, because we didn´t do such things. A child molester? I don´t know. It would have one way or another been a case of God help him and he never would have been seen again. The culture didn´t tolerate child molesters.

    And now, and now….

    And now I read daily of armed police patrolling the halls of schools, of parents walking their kids to school because children aren´t safe by themselves, of metal detectors at the doors, of flash mobs of, er, teens robbing stores. Instead of homogeneity we have diversity, which means you have to buy a new bicycle twice a year. Leave oneº unattended for ten minutes, and it disappears.

    How did we get here? Why do we put up with it? Bastardy in this white, once civilized society is now said to be at thirty percent: A middle class with a slum morality. You have to be crazy to leave your keys in an open car, which we once regularly did. There was no reason not to.

    The answer of course is that the post-war culture is no longer dominant. When all of a population agree that certain things are not acceptable, such as assaults, looting, mob robberies, and thievery, they don´t happen. After those horrendous tidal waves hit Japan, there was no looting. It isn´t part of Japanese culture. After riots in America, after Katrina, there was and is massive looting. The culture no longer enforces it standards of behavior.

    A virtue of a dominant culture is that it doesn’t have to be imposed. It polices itself. During my five years in rural Virginia, we all had guns. The substantial number of blacks in the county had guns. Nobody ever shot anybody else, either on purpose or accidentally. It wasn´t something we did. It wasn´t in the culture. White or black.

    When the dominant culture doesn´t condone crime, there will be very little crime. This is why the European-American constitution of Tom Jefferson could specify trial by jury. A jury trial takes a lot of time and effort, which a society can afford only when there is little crime. Today we have trial by plea bargain because jury trials for our rate of crime would have the entire country empanelled constantly.

    In Arlington, and Athens, and King George, we had close to no policemen. That´s how many policemen we needed. We behaved well because it never occurred to us to do otherwise. As kids we drank beer illegally, ignored speed limits, and some of us shot an occasional deer out of season—but that was it. We didn´t rape, kill, rob, or assault teachers because it wasn´t in the culture. The dominant whites did not beat the blacks into comas, nor vice versa.

    Fear of punishment had little to do with it. We might get into a fist fight, but we didn´t pick up a brick or a length of rebar. There were things we just didn´t do. Had one of us said “Fuck you” to a teacher, the entire moral weight of the county would have fallen on him.

    This is why as cultures break down, or mix with less civilized cultures, more and more police become necessary. So do locks, bars, alarms, cameras and, for the remaining virile, carry permits. Hello.

    Here is one reason why multiculturalism seldom works. Suppose that one culture has a strong work ethic, fairly strict sexual morality, low illegitimacy, low crime, respect for study and proper use of the national language. Suppose that another culture is precisely opposite, or approximately opposite, as for example the Moslems in France. If the first group is truly dominant, and imposes its standards—you will do your homework, kid—the second group may successfully assimilate.

    But suppose that the dominant group isn´t really that dominant and can´t, or won´t, impose its values. How—in a school, say—do you mix the toilet-mouthed with the well-spoken, girls who expect to marry before giving birth with fifteen-year-old single mothers pushing strollers into class? Or if the courts have decided that “motherfucker· is an entire language to itself, and that eradication of the word would constitute imperial culture-abuse? The effect will always be to lower the civilized group to the uncivilized.

    Here we are, and there is no turning back. All that made the old culture what it was is now held to be elitism, sin most dreadful, and all that we held to be wrong is now said to be “authentic,” whatever that means, or else the consequence of ineluctable social forces.

    Buy the ticket, take the ride.…

  2. ab Post author

    I have been to Mexico. My bet is there are many different areas of different economic strati. The area in question here is a rich area. I have visited another well off ex-pat Gringo area near Guadalajara. While I too am nervous about the vast difference between rich and poor, I don’t think the majority of the super violent crimes are real. The ones that are promoted to the top of the media cycle almost certainly fit the fakery profile.

    1. Herge Degrelle

      Well, it shouldn’t be too hard to find one of these ‘true crime’ writers to interview, there are a whole bunch of them around, it’s a very lucrative field of writing, from what I hear. It would be harder to find a David Irving or Jurgen Graff type real historian amongst them though, one who has really researched serial killers, from source documents and tested them for forgery, not hearsay from what this or that guy wrote, and not just through some image-fakery comparisons like Clues Forum, and certainly not those half-assed ‘researchers’ you had on for your Faul and Mozionart shows. Trying to see whether levels of human violent tendency are PsyOped or not and if yes, to what degree, is a hell of a lot more interesting and important than finding out if a bunch of great music was created by the actual guy who they say did it or not.

      If they were into PsyOping ‘super-violent’ criminals everywhere to keep people from trusting each other. How come they did not do this in Denmark, before the non-white immigration of the last 2 decades, when it had the lowest murder rate in the world ? Why not lie and say, whites were going around on murderous rampages and rape sprees and Denmark and Sweden and Norway and Finland and all these countries were just as dangerous as Chicago and Detroit ? Why divide along racial lines ?

      Why was it that in the 1950’s, and you can ask this of some old timers still around, in many American middle class towns, you never had to lock your doors and could even leave your keys in your car ? Kids would be out playing all day in the neighborhoods without any worries. Why were the crime rates so low to allow this level of trust between neighbors ?

      So where’s the reality and where’s the fantasy, Tim ? You have to draw the line somewhere, and even if it’s a constantly adjustable line influenced by many factors, SOME factors are much more real than others, you can’t just float in limbo. Real is that aspect of reality which would be there, regardless of PsyOps and which allow PsyOps to exist in the first place, because it is only the reality of brain-matter its psycho-logy that lends itself to manipulations and perversions of logic, not a phantom. This is the same reality, more-or-less, that existed, even when PsyOps were no more sophisticated than fairy tales told amongst members of the tribe, or more precisely by the shysters in the tribe to the more gullible, and not always with evil intentions but able to push that advantage into ‘evil’ territory, if not checked.

      “Reality, n. The dream of a mad philosopher. That which would remain in the cupel if one should assay a phantom. The nucleus of a vacuum.”
      AMBROSE BIERCE, The Devil’s Dictionary

      “Reality is that which, when you stop believing in it, doesn’t go away.” — Philip K. Dick

      “I am a kind of paranoiac in reverse. I suspect people of plotting to make me happy.”
      J. D. Salinger

      “This is a mournful discovery.
      1)Those who agree with you are insane
      2)Those who do not agree with you are in power.”
      ? Philip K. Dick, VALIS

      “Proverbs for Paranois, n°3: If they can get you asking the wrong questions, they don’t have to worry about answers.”
      ? Thomas Pynchon…

      1. ab Post author

        H, you’ve got some keen insights. Would you like to expound some on an audio? There’s much to reply to, and an audio would be more convenient.

        I read Fred regularly. He lives near where I visited, and actually shares some of my views on Mexico. Don’t think he’s wise to the psyops though. Maybe I’ll get him on the audios.

  3. Herge Degrelle

    Have you ever been to Mexico ? I’ve been to Tijuana and Encinadas. Take lots of bribe money for the Federales, if you ever go, or you might rot in jail for weeks for a traffic ‘violation’ you never even committed.

    No, discrepancies in levels of criminality between the races is NOT a PsyOp. This is not due to poverty only, because the poor White parts of town, the so-called ‘trailer park’ and ‘white trash’ (say ‘white trash’ day and night but try saying ‘black trash’ when referring to poor blacks as part of your regular vocabulary and see how far that gets you in your politically correct environment) are almost always still safer than the Mexican or Black parts. You can say, this is due to poor Whites still being ‘privileged’ and all this other nonsense, but it won’t wash. If you study history, you’ll see that there were even more White slaves than Black slaves and also that only 5% of Southern Whites ever owned any Black slaves at all. If you live in a big enough city and not in the backwoods somewhere, this discrepancy in criminal tendencies can be observed with your own eyes even before you feel it in direct violence against your person. People can sense threats without having to have projected that threat through previous programming. Animals don’t get programmed their threats, it’s just instinct. Humans have it too. When this sense is coupled with first-hand experience (I have been personally on the scene, during two armed hold-ups, and I only live in a middle class area) and direct stories by friends who were held-up with guns or punched in the face with brass knuckles and robbed, they are reinforced.

    If the high crime rates of Mexicans and Blacks in their communities and against Whites were a PsyOp or a statistical lie to divide and conquer, you can easily test that by moving to the Black or Mexican part of town, living for a year there, at much cheaper rent than anywhere else, and experiencing, for yourself, first-hand, if these statistics are true to reality or not. But, you know what ? You will always find an excuse not to do that.

    None of the bleeding-heart liberals who blame everything on poverty will do this, because they don’t want to get their asses kicked on a daily basis or robbed or even deal with obnoxious disrespect and attitudes, never mind the very real possibility of getting killed when some ‘poor, oppressed’ idiot’s violent tendencies get out of hand. They won’t send their kids to any school that has too many blacks and Mexicans in it either, not if they can help it.…

    You can also go to prison and see if the population there is over 50% black or not, when the USA’s percentage of blacks is only 13%. But, but, but, that’s only because they were all railroaded into prison ! That’s it!! It’s a PsyOp !!!! No such thing as differences between individuals, never mind between races that lived in complete geographic isolation for centuries, exist.

    If only we could have some Jew like Karl Marx program all of us and redirect everybody’s funds through coercive force and legislation and balance the ‘injustices’ of natural inequalities, we’d be living in a paradise of ‘equality.’

    Yeah right ! Get the fuck outta here !! lol

    In my own experience, here in the big metropolis of Los Angeles, Mexicans are a lot more hard-working than the ‘brothers,’ but that doesn’t mean they’re friendly to White people in their communities in their off hours when jobs are not on the line. I’ve ended up in Compton a few times during drives and I would never go back there if I could help it, NEVER. Just filling up gas in a gas station I had to deal with enough frowning cold stares to let me know I wasn’t welcome there. I’ve been to East L.A. once or twice and believe me I am in no hurry to go back, there are plenty of Mexicans already in my middle-class part of town. East L.A. seemed to have half the ex-cons in the universe on every block. Scary gang guys that look like they just stabbed their mothers everywhere. I don’t care if you think that’s a stereotype or not, it’s the truth, gang criminality is a proven fact, and these guys exist, they’re not a figment of somebody’s imagination. Whether they were programmed by Hollywood films like “American Me” or “Blood In, Blood Out” to act this way or not, whether art imitated life or life imitated art or more likely a combination of both, the bottom line is, the programming and the reality joined forces and shook hands and those films are not that far-off from OBSERVABLE reality, if you live in a metropolitan area like I do, whereas a film like “American History X” is a gigantic pile of crap, a very minor reality of violent skinhead racists magnified into caricature. I don’t know if you noticed, but in “American History X” even the obligatory prison-butt-rape is committed by another white guy. lol Same with “Shawshank Redemption,” the number one most popular film on IMDB. Tim Robbins is raped by a White guy, whereas Morgan Freeman is his good ole black buddy, loyal to the end. Those two flicks alone should tell you all you need to know about Jewish Hollywood programming of the masses into their multi-culturalist agenda.

    It’s not that it’s not good to be friendly with people and judge people as individuals but that it is a distortion of reality that they’re trying to push down everyone’s throat and not reality itself, all this racial differences do not exist nonsense, and this is NOT done through any ‘benevolent’ intentions towards the supposed more ‘oppressed’ populations, anymore than Jewish ownership of most of the African slave ships had any ‘benevolent’ intentions’; this is done to weaken the cohesiveness of the White European majority, always the threat to Jewish hegemony.

    The PsyOp here, if there is one, is trying to force people together that would naturally be much more segregated by race and behavioral tendencies against their natural free choice. This natural state of things would, if allowed to find its equilibrium and balance outside of government coercion and interference, would, paradoxically, create far more goodwill between different individuals and groups of individuals, than what exists under the current Jewish Hollywood programming paradigm.…


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