Sextortion photos fakery

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There’s nothing in this story that is believable, if you know even a bit about technology. If you’re like the great unwashed Ipad masses, it probably makes perfect sense. Ironically, the part that makes the least amount of sense is that a teenager would willingly strip in front of a webcam.

All you oldtimers cast your cobwebbed mind back: how hard was it to get your first teenage girlfriend to show even a bare shoulder? Most girls are quite self-conscious, yes even today, and are quite unlikely to strip for anyone, including a close boyfriend.

So I say, if this hacker has the secret that all young men have been seeking forever, please tell us how you can convince any female (without alcohol) to remove her clothes. You could be the next (real, not contrived) Hugh Hefner (Playboy, a nudie magazine for your youngsters).

 A college student was arrested Thursday for allegedly hijacking the webcams of young women — among them reigning Miss Teen USA Cassidy Wolf — taking nude images, then blackmailing his victims to send him more explicit material or else be exposed.

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