Where are the stars?

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Nothing appears to confound the NASA artists more than stars.

You’ve probably seen those amateur videos on You Tube of somebody sending a toy space shuttle or a tent into the stratosphere attached to a weather balloon. You know, ones like these:

via The Wild Heretic | “When you have eliminated all which is impossible, then whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth.”.

h/t Foolproofman

3 thoughts on “Where are the stars?

  1. Gabriel

    Its fake. I posted on the thread. I think it is just more movie and distraction. These topics never discuss what is really important. They are just distractions to keep people from realizing it should not be this way. We can change this.

  2. Herge Degrelle

    There we go, at the 14:59 mark Bashar tells us what we need to know:

    “The MOST IMPORTANT thing. Nobody verified the veracity of the videos and the photos, because in many places the same children were used in different photos in different places.”

    Before ANY videos or photos can be taken as proof of anything, they have to be authenticated and their chain of custody has to be established. Bashar is telling us that, while douche-machine Kerry was telling us the exact opposite: the ‘proof’ is on you tube for everyone to see.

    Case closed. Syria is being screwed because they’re not co-operating with the usurocracy and not just that, but exposing its central PsyOp technique.

  3. Herge Degrelle

    Syria – President Bashar al-Assad Interview with Italian Rai News 24 TV channel


    Bashar shies away from little in this no-hold-barred interview. He is asked the difficult questions and he gives the honest detailed answers.

    Have you ever seen anybody this calm after being called a child-killer by those barf-inducing scumbags Obama and Kerry ? If it’s all of big PsyOp, like you say, then they’re doing a hell of a good job of creating a genuine hero.


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