9/11 and Clifford Olson serial killer

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Manson/Olson. Is this simple NLP word association?

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Is the Manson/Olson imagery similar by design – or a big coincidence?

9/11 is the primary reason this site exists.

9/11 is the primary reason radio.fakeologist.com and radioarchives.fakeologist.com exists.

When I see a reference to 9/11 in a place that it doesn’t belong or doesn’t readily make sense, I puzzle over it. They use any excuse to bring up 9/11. It’s used for trauma based mind control.

Serial killers have been questioned on this site. Why is it that they have gone out of fashion? Have we medicated the evil streaks out of men? Or is it more likely they were the psyop of the decades back in the 65s to early 80s? Like all writing styles, I suppose they go in out of vogue.

Canada has had two big serial killer stories. Clifford Olson and Paul Bernardo. While perusing Clifford Olson’s wickedpedia page, I noticed a reference to 9/11 that I remember from the past but made little of it.


Olson made many bizarre and false claims, including that the United States had granted him clemency for providing information about the September 11 attacks and that the hearing had no jurisdiction over him because of that.[6][7] Under Canadian law,

Now often on multiple choice questions, you have 4 answers. One if correct, one is almost correct, one is wrong, and one is ridiculous. Clearly, the 9/11 reference is ridiculous. So why, if the entire Olson story is a hoax, put it in?

I imagine it’s the ultimate “tag” for those in the know. It’s the ridiculous clue that is the proverbial slap in the face to the targets of the hoax, you.

I’m convinced 9/11 was a hoax. I’m iffy on the serial killer psyops, but as I investigate, the stench of psyOp sewage increases as I look at the occult numbers and other unexplained anomalies.

It may be a stretch to simply assume most or all serial killers are psyOps based on these simple tags, but perhaps they make far more sense when reviewing the bizarre and ridiculous storylines that occur around these equally bizarre characters.

I’ll keep looking through these fakeologists lenses at these superstar media crime stories. You should too. Comment if you find anything. Let’s blow the lid off on the supercriminal stories.




Clifford Olson – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

10 thoughts on “9/11 and Clifford Olson serial killer

  1. or e bil

    I think most, if not all serial killers are hogwash. Ted Bundy is a perfect example. Just take a look at his Wikipedia page and parse the information that someone wants us to know.

    “He also volunteered at the Seattle office of Nelson Rockefeller’s presidential campaign, and in August, attended the 1968 Republican National Convention in Miami as a Rockefeller delegate.

    “After graduating from UW in 1972 Bundy joined Governor Daniel J. Evans’s reelection campaign.”

    “Biographer and true crime writer Ann Rule, who knew Bundy personally, believes that he tracked down his original birth record in Vermont in 1969.”

    And regarding Jeffrey Dahmer…


    Don’t be surprised to find an expert witness that appeared at this trial as well as the John Hinckley, Jr. trial among many others.

  2. smj

    i grew up outside of akron. i’ve seen the house the dahmers supposedly lived in. i worked with the doctor that lived a couple houses down. he would tell stories about dahmer. i doubt any of them were true; missing pets and what not. i’ve never doubted that dahmer once lived in bath township; now, however, i doubt his legend. beyond that i have no opinion of the persona.
    the irony of the monster that dahmer appeared to be was that bath township is so peaceful and beautiful. lebron james built his main mansion in bath, just down the road a bit from dahmer’s old house. if i could afford to live in bath, i’d move back to akron.

  3. simonshack

    Good grief… sounds like text-book fakery to me. I just took a cursory look at this. Here’s what I ‘learned’:

    So this “Clifford Olson serial killer” apparently killed 11 kids – between the age of 9 and 18. The Rosenfeldts, alleged parents of one of the victims (named Daryn “Johnsrude” – and NOT “Rosenfeldt”? why???) also happen to have another son named “Darryl” :
    “Rosenfeldt is survived by his wife, his son, Darryl, daughter, Jana, and his grandchildren.”

    Yet, in this 2011 Ottawa Sun article, their ‘murdered child’ goes by the name of “Daryl”:

    Bizarre, to say the least. So was the Rosenfeldt’s surviving “Darryl” conceived AFTER 16-year-old Daryn’s demise? Or were the two twin brothers? “Hey, Darryl & Daryn, supper’s ready!” Imagine that…

    “In a period of less than nine months, Clifford Olson killed 11 times”
    “He confessed to murdering two children and nine youths.”

    “Olson was sentenced to 11 concurrent life sentences and placed in one of Canada’s super maximum security prisons in Sainte-Anne-des-Plaines, Quebec.”
    “During the hearing, Olson claimed to have information about 9/11 and stated that the United States had granted him clemency for the inside scoop.”

    Clifford Olson’s first jail sentence for burglary: “9 months behind bars”.
    Clifford Olson dies “9 days after being diagnosed with cancer”.

    Enough already ! What a pile of dung… 😛

    1. ab Post author

      Thanks Simon. Please work your skills on the Paul Bernardo case. That story was right in my backyard, and the book about it, Invisible Darkness by Stephen Williams, Link, was “like fiction”. There were so many problems with this story that it must be a psyOp in my mind.

    2. rickpotvin

      Hi Simon– Rick Potvin here. I contributed to your Mars Curiosity hoax thread in Clues awhile back and somehow got myself banned– still not sure why– but may have been due to my over-using the Clues forum. I went on and on about how the lander could not have slowed from 18,000 mph. But that aside– I will risk being off-topic in this thread about serial killers to ask you about SSSS– specifically on the matter of a proof for a round earth using a gyroscope. I wrote this to chat–

      October 1, 2013 – 12:01 am
      Prove the Earth is NOT a sphere in 6 hours….Start a powered horozontally spinning gyroscope in a double gimbal frame so it can freely move in all directions at noon. By 6 pm, the non-shifted rotating disc should be close to vertical relative to Earth’s surface if you’re in the U.S. If it it’s NOT vertical, the Earth cannot possibly have rotated. I’d like to see Simon address that.

      You wrote, in SSSS, that you’re sure that the earth rotates. If it does, would we not see the flywheel of a gyroscope move from horozontal to vertical in 6 hours– which is a 1/4 turn of the globe– which would induce a percieved 1/4 rotation in a flywheel relative to the earth’s surface?

      Sorry for the off topic here Ab, but I had to jump at the opportunity to talk with Simon on this.

  4. ab Post author

    The very public vics/tim’s father always bothered me. Was he an over-the-top actor?


    Gary Rosenfeldt, a long-time advocate for victims of crime, died Sunday after a short battle with cancer.

    ‘I feel fulfilled in life, having been able to accomplish so much throughout our lives and make a difference for the victims.’
    — Gary Rosenfeldt
    Rosenfeldt, who was 67, made his mark in the criminal justice system by helping to change the way those touched by violence are treated.

    Rosenfeldt’s work on behalf of victims started after his own family was touched by violence.

  5. lux

    I would suggest reading Dave McGowan’s book Programmed to Kill: The Politics of Serial Murder and Maury Terry’s The Ultimate Evil, both thoroughly researched books about the serial killer phenomenon. McGowan’s book covers many cases and Terry’s book concentrates on “Son of Sam.”

    My current opinion is that at least some murders were actually committed though possibly not all reported were real and many (perhaps most) of the real murders were not committed by the persons convicted of the crimes. Confusing, no? As an example, I suspect the Manson murder(s) were faked but the Son of Sam murders were real but most were committed by persons other than Berkowitz.

    But, like most everything having to do with the media, I am always open to new ideas and conclusions about it all.

  6. rickpotvin

    Hi Ab. In relation to these serial killer type stories, I’m reminded of the incessant unending TV dramas about them too. How do these unending “entertainment” TV “dramas” about killers affect people in general? It simply cannot be good. And these shows usually feature “regular looking guys”… who turn out to be crazy sadistic murderers. Do the women who are fans of these types of programs then go out into their neighbourhood subconsciously thinking that any regular guy could be serial killer? I’m reminded of Ted Bundy who was put to death (they say) in 1979 for serial killing of “pretty co-ed college girls”. Given the media faker you, Simon and Markus have been exposing, I’d likely look into that guy. They even made a made for TV serial drama for this serial killer story played by the same guy who now plays a hero on a military-type crime show. Go figure. How does conflating the same actor with a serial killer and military intel guy affect viewers who recognize that actor? It can’t be good. How do I rise above all this? I’m not sure why I’m immune.

    1. rickpotvin

      In the case of Ted Bundy, who I refer to above, the last interview clip (5 min) clearly aims at connecting exposure to porn– turning regular Christian-raised husbands, sons and brothers into serial killers. Ted emphasizes that anyone who seems normal can be turned into a serial killer like him– with porn. He is emphatic about his story of having been raised quite normally– until violent porn gripped him to the extent that he was motivated to take it to the level of reality. www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vlk_sR…

      Looking at this, now, from a fakology point of view, it’s easy to think of this story as having been sponsored by some agency of some kind because Ted Bundy not only is said to have gone on a multi-year murder spree– in his “secret life”– but he is able to articulate precisely what he thinks is the cause it with erudite verbiage beyond the ken of 90% of the general public. He fails, as does the media, to point to what would MORE likely be the cause of a murder spree– if it happened– or if you were to think about what would cause it– which would be a psychopathic lack of empathy for others.

      The following biography is too long for anyone to watch but I scanned clips through it. It’s potentially a very instructive way for a fakologist to see how fake people– in this case a serial killer- are created on TV by various “authorities”. The entire story of Bundy is detailed in this bio by “Biography” on cable TV.
      The “written story” — the “narrative” that is created is of a man who was “badly betrayed by a woman” — his sister– who pretended to be his mother. This “explanation” somehow has to combined with the “violent porn” influence above.

      This story shows signs of being fake, to me– now– because the story is becoming contradictory– involving both violent porn as a causal influence on regular guys leading them into serial murder (preposterous) and a betrayed man who was “raised in a loving Christian family with five siblings” in which the mother was an older sister. Oh what tangled webs the fakers weave, eh? Why didn’t the other 4 siblings become serial killers? Why don’t today’s viewers of those nutty violent porn websites become serial killers?

      Ted Bundy was a several year long media thriller in the late 1970’s that climaxed with his execution. The made-for-TV original narrative sold as news and the TV movie summary likely enabled a lot of advertising to be sold. The interests behind it could have been anti-porn advocates– just as the interests behind the fake Lac Megantic train crash might be the anti-oil-by-rail-pro-pipeline advocates– I’d only be guessing. I only recall the Bundy case because I was (and am) anti-capital punishment and couldn’t grasp the idea that if they had their man–in jail– what need was there to kill another? Come to think of it, another interest group behind the execution could very well have been the pro capital punishment people.

      Maybe media narratives are concieved and financed– and directed by– a confluence of secret societies who all have a “stake” in the resulting public perception of the results.


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