Does this head fit the body?

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Haven’t really examined this old story, but at first glance it appears that the head/face of this photo doesn’t match the size of the body. In other words, it looks out of proportion. Opinions? Is this a photoshop error or a real picture?

Case of Quebec doctor who killed his kids, then walked free, returns to court | National Post.

It appears this case triggered a new law, which automatically flags it  as suspicious.

In February, the government tabled the Not Criminally Responsible Act. The bill would give the court new powers to create a new high-risk category that would hold mentally ill offenders longer, without a formal review, and make it far more difficult for them to leave psychiatric facilities.

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Aaron Johnson
Aaron Johnson(@aaron-johnson)
8 years ago

I don’t know too much about photoshop but the picture does look photoshopped to me. The baby’s right arm seems to have a dark outline.