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The “Holocaust” as a PSYOP?

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This is a third rail topic, by design. If you’ve studied any revisionist history, the question John asks is certainly valid.

I’ll even add one more dimension to the psyOp soup: is the whole Jesuit/Jew debate a carefully constructed dialectic psyOp? Once more, those that frame and control the debate pit two sides against each other, while the controllers, who may be neither or both, pull the strings?

There was no Jewish “Holocaust” during WWII: the National Socialists simply wanted the Jews out of Germany, but had no intentions or plans to “exterminate” or “genocide” the European Jewry. However, the Soviets and her Western allies (the US and UK primarily), who were under the control of international Jewish Communists and plutocrats, certainly did seek the destruction of the German nation (which they themselves openly admitted), and implemented specific policies aimed at accomplishing this goal both during and after the war. Truth be told, the German and other nationalist-minded European peoples who allied with Adolf Hitler’s National Socialist government did in fact experience a very real genocide during and after WWII, not the Jews of Europe.

via John Friend’s Blog: The “Holocaust” as a PSYOP.

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Staveley on 9/11

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“sim” Brian Staveley does a great job talking on a talkshoe I haven’t heard of before hosted by Ancient Lady. Brian is pretty much on the same page as the fakeologists here from what I can tell. The host Dave talks about magic occult numbers, which I like, and aliens, which I don’t.

Have a listen here: http://recordings.talkshoe.com/TC-118225/TS-607842.mp3

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Taser push back

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Looks like the Sammy Yatim PsyOp authors will have to work harder to convince Torontonians that their cops need tasers.

A plan to arm Toronto’s front-line police officers with Tasers was met with stiff opposition at a public consultation Tuesday night at City Hall.
Roughly 80 residents and activists crowded into the council chamber for the meeting, which was called by the Toronto Police Services Board’s mental health subcommittee in response to a recent provincial decree that frontline officers, not just supervisors, should be permitted to carry stun guns.
Almost to a person, participants advised the board to reject the expanded use of the devices, which are also known as conducted energy weapons (CEWs), and focus instead on better training and de-escalation techniques.