Occultic Road Signs

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upload.wikimedia.org wikipedia commons 3 3f A2Warrego.svgDriving around with occult spinning in my head from the daily stories in the media, my eyes cast to the distance road signs. upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia…

You don’t have to go far when you’ll notice that many or most of the distances are multiples of 11, or the 7,9, or 6 for instance.

If a town was around 10 miles away, why would they put the sign 11 miles away? Why not use easy round numbers?

While it’s not foolproof, it happens more often than not. Check this link of population signs in Ontario: http://bit.ly/15LmJQV

* * *

Many or most highway also use the numbers. Is there any doubt who is in control or is all just coincidence?

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ala samoan
ala samoan
8 years ago

A bit off topic but how about this street sign, I drive past it every day, some days I laugh at, some days I curse at it.

ala samoan
ala samoan
8 years ago
Reply to  Fakeologist

Yes and the road is a pyramid.