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Weep for America

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Even if this story was true, which I doubt, the over-the-top, hyper militarized, execution-murder demonstrated-for-TV reaction of the paramilitary forces occupying the Masonic DC capitol is beyond ridiculous to the average civil human being (I won’t use “person” for legal reasons).

A dental hygienist from Connecticut was the female driver who tried to ram her car into a White House barricade and was shot dead near the US Capitol after a high-speed chase through Washington streets Thursday afternoon, law enforcement sources told The Post.

via DC attacker a dental hygienist, shot dead after chase | New York Post.

Real or fake, it has a real Operation Gladio feel to it.

All Americans should feel very sad about whatever has gripped their idealized country. It’s a cancer that really hasn’t even gotten to the diagnosis stage.

another typical, vicsim style photoslop job. How did they ID a woman without ID so quickly?

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ep67-Brian Staveley

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audio_mp3_buttonep67-Brian Staveley

Showtime: Saturday, Oct. 5, 2013 9:11pm

Guest: Brian Staveley

Brian’s take on 9/11: www.therealnewsonline.com/2/po…





Brian can carry a conversation on 9/11 as well as anybody, if not better. He has his own radio show, and helped inspire me to put the pieces together in a decentralized way.

We survive a DDOS attack, and Rollo also joins in at the end of the call.

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Banking system decoded

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If you’re as confused as I am about the federal reserve, Ron Paul, the gold standard, usury, private and public banks, the greenback, then this audio may help you.

The punch line I got from it is this: all currency is created from debt, which is issued by a private corporation that does so under “licence” or “authority” of your government, which you submit to when agreeing to become a “person”(a) by way of a birth certificate (where your name is in capital letters and therefore is a legal entity).

So if this private bank issues the people (government) 10 coins, and after a period of time, asks for 1 coin back (say 10%) as interest, then you have only 9 coins left. Since you can’t “make” money, then you can quickly and easily see that you can never pay back the original 10 coins and get out of debt. That’s so simple even I can understand it, and that is the basis of our banking system, and of the whole IMF. It is this system that creates a feudal, or debt slave system.

Apparently only a few nations understand this, and they are North Korea, Iran, Syria, and Somalia. Those countries sound familiar?

Even though Wally Dove spent thirteen long, cruel years as a tax collector, enforcer, and schemer with Revenue Canada- currently showing their crooked dark side to the world- don’t hate him! He has since learned from the error of his ways and crossed over to us from that Dark Side! Wally clearly lays out that rather than continue to illegally erase your rights and freedoms, he is making sure you are aware of them and use to them to your maximum benefit.

via Conspiracy Queries with Alan Park: Episode 29: The Dark Side of Revenue Canada with Wally Dove.

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Holocaust as a PsyOp Deconstruction

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Tom and John go at this topic taking out the emotion and critically analyzing the event.

On this edition of The Realist Report, we’ll be joined once again by Tom in Connecticut. Tom and I will be discussing the psychological aspects of the fake Jewish “Holocaust” narrative of WWII, and other aspects of PSYOPS and information warfare.

via http://www.john-friend.net/2013/10/the-realist-report-with-john-friend.html

[Updated] Shacktacular with Aaron

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Update: 10/3/13

Sometimes I’ll post an entry such as below without a detailed enough analysis. Due to this 

haste of getting up content, my point may not be well offered or taken. The below audio, with corresponding graphic, may portray Simon Shack and his research forum in a “shitty” light. In fact, I was simply portraying two concepts from the audio, but their juxtaposition is lousy. Therefore I wish to clarify fakeologist’s position, although many already know what it is.

Cluesforum.info, September Clues, and Simon Shack have done more to expose in a clear and concise way the Nutwork that rules our planet than any other source in the history of our planet, period. This little blog is simply a peephole into their research, along with highlighting other people and similar works on the internet. So, when Simon’s good name gets trashed without defense, in audio or text, it behooves any of his supporters to speak up. Therefore, consider this addendum to this older post SPEAKING UP. 

I’ll repeat my challenge to anyone out there: if there’s a better textual source online to expose the real crimes against humanity, link to it in the myriad of ways possible here now. 

Now, in regards to the below linked audio, does this get together look or sound like that of a paid agent or gatekeeper? If it is, they’re doing far better at this deception than I could have imagined. cluesforum.info/viewtopic.php?… Simon has made the offer publicly (in an insane way, in my opinion) that anyone can visit him or call him to test his persona for themselves. While my own judgement could or should be called into question by serious fakeologists, my assessment is that Simon (and Hoi, who I talked to at the same time on a past broadcast) is a genuine individual and not a deceiver. If I change my mind, I’ll let you know.

* * *

Posted Sept 27, 2013


Who knew our user Aaron Johnson had a talkshoe? A very interesting conversation talking about a Simon Shack interview that Chris did and swirling around a toilet bowl.

I’ll ask Aaron to be an exclusive guest on an upcoming broadcast, as he adds many comments here and did a great job on his broadcast. I’m listening to more of his stuff, as you should too.

TalkShoe – Call – Fantastic Insanity

Here’s an episode http://bit.ly/16FAyzB that he did a year or so ago with Chris KendallAybeseaMarkus Allen, and a couple of others. Here’s the transcript:

h/t Markus Allen
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The power of Clancy 66

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I’m not much of a reader, and can’t even say much about Tom Clancy’s identity or character. I do know psyOps need good writers, so is it possible Tom was one of them or at least a consultant? Was he real?

Was he a predictive programmer, like I suspect George Orwell was?

The power of Tom Clancy is that he gave us a glimpse into a post-9/11 world from the relative comfort of the 1990s. He described the astonishing might of the world’s militaries, and of the power that generals wield only for want of an enemy. He didn’t just tell you about a fighter jet; he let you fly it. He didn’t just quantify the destructive power of an atomic bomb; he blew up the Super Bowl. Restraint was never his specialty, and if it seemed like he was sharing details on par with number of bolts in an aircraft carrier, it’s because you could almost see him having so much fun while he was writing. He was a geek with a restless imagination, and vast swaths of his prose are like an applied version of Jane’s Defense Weekly.

via Tom Clancy’s Powerful Foresight Into a Post-9/11 World – D.B. Grady – The Atlantic.


4 Real Life Events Predicted by Tom Clancy

The thriller master seemed to have a knack for foreseeing the future


1. September 11th: In Debt of Honor, Clancy imagines a scenario where an economic dispute between the United States and Japan boils over into a military conflict. Though recurring hero Jack Ryan is able to outmaneuver the ruling Japanese cabal, the conflict results in the death of a Japan Air pilot’s son and brother. The pilot, driven insane with grief, flies his Boeing 747 into the U.S. capitol during a joint session of Congress.

2. Russia-Georgia War of 2008: One of Tom Clancy’s more successful video game “Ghost Recon” was released in 2001, but is set in 2008. The game begins with a conflict between Georgian rebel forces and Russian nationalists who have seized power with the intent of reestablishing the Soviet empire. Though many who study the region may have predicted that tensions between Georgia and Russia were likely to escalate into military conflict, Clancy’s game is strangely on target predicting the war’s start, as the game’s events take place in April 2008, just a few months before the real-world conflict began.

3. Osama Bin Laden’s Capture: For ten years, Osama Bin Laden was popularly imagined to be hiding in a cave somewhere in the border region in Southwest Afghanistan, though he was really living in relative comfort in Abbottabad, Pakistan. In Clancy’s Dead or Alive, which details the capture of a Bin Laden-like mastermind, known as “The Emir,”  the notorious terrorist has evaded the U.S. intelligence authorities, not by hiding out in South Asia, but Las Vegas. Still, the book culminated with the Bin Laden character brought to justice by special operatives and was published just a few months before the Abbottabad raid actually took place.

4. The Activities of the Joint Special Operations Command: Tom Clancy’s 1994 novel Clear and Present Danger tells the story of a desperate U.S. government and its attempt to quell the increasingly violent South American drug trade. The C.I.A resorts to intercepting mobile phone communications between drug cartels in South America, which it then uses to launch covert military actions – without the approval or knowledge of Congress – to pacify the drug cartels. As Geoffrey Ingersoll of Business Insider points out, the government’s use of phone tapping and secret military operations mirrors the acitivities of the NSA and JSOC in the years after 9-11 to suppress terrorism in the Middle East — activities which are just now being brought to the public’s attention through the Edward Snowden leaks.

If he didn’t work for the intelligence agencies, then he should have been.



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