Banking system decoded

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If you’re as confused as I am about the federal reserve, Ron , the gold standard, usury, private and public banks, the greenback, then this audio may help you.

The punch line I got from it is this: all currency is created from debt, which is issued by a private corporation that does so under 0;licence” or “authority” of your government, which you submit to when agreeing to become a “person”(a) by way of a birth certificate (where your name is in capital letters and therefore is a legal entity).

So if this private bank issues the people (government) 10 coins, and after a period of time, asks for 1 coin back (say 10%) as interest, then you have only 9 coins left. Since you can’t “make” money, then you can quickly and easily see that you can never pay back the original 10 coins and get out of debt. That’s so simple even I can understand it, and that is the basis of our banking system, and of the whole IMF. It is this system that creates a feudal, or debt slave system.

Apparently only a few nations understand this, and they are North Korea, , Syria, and Somalia. Those countries sound familiar?

Even though Wally Dove spent thirteen long, cruel years as a tax collector, enforcer, and schemer with Revenue Canada- currently showing their crooked dark side to the world- don’t hate him! He has since learned from the error of his ways and crossed over to us from that Dark Side! Wally clearly lays out that rather than continue to illegally erase your rights and freedoms, he is making sure you are aware of them and use to them to your maximum benefit.

via Conspiracy Queries with Alan Park: Episode 29: The Dark Side of Revenue Canada with Wally Dove.

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4 thoughts on “Banking system decoded

  1. derealium

    All good Ab, a good topic of discussion outside of the fakery. I understand the thinking from both sides. I researched this stuff for a while before I even got to the point of realizing the fakery. Unfortunately, it feels like another pointless struggle. We all know that feeling. 🙂

    I might hit up Kendall about it since he had a bad economic rant last week. lol!

  2. derealium

    This is a conspiracy theorist rabbit hole unfortunately, as you’ve basically noted in the topic, it’s confusing. But I’ve seen way too many fall into this trap, surprisingly among many of the fakeologists. Shall we glorify the banking systems of Iran, Somalia, North Korea, and Syria…and Nazi Germany? I think not.

    Money is nothing but a substitute for barter. Ellen Brown is probably the leading figure of the way of thinking that you’ve posted, and she’s no sort of economist, she’s a national socialist. If the state prints the money, then what does this do to prevent them from funding the wars and handing out contracts to their partners in fascism? Nothing.

    Did you really call “we” the “government”. No, the government is not “we”. The government declares the wars, pulls off the hoaxes, and claims the authority to forcefully take your money.

    The value of money and therefore the creation of money must be out of the hands of centralized power, monopoly of force. Is it a myth that debt skyrocketed when America went off the gold standard? It wasn’t even a legitimate gold standard when that happened.

    Nothing is going to be perfect. You can either have the money based on something that is traded based on market forces, or a centralized state doing as they please with it. And what they please to do with it is print it for their friends and to conquer the world, just as they have been.

    Best historical account of money in America:

    1. ab Post author

      You’re right. I am most likely out of my league when talking about the banking system and money. But I do understand that going into debt for no good reason and having a debt-based currency that can never be repaid can’t be right, can it?

      1. derealium

        I’d have to say that we’re looking at it from different perspectives. I don’t believe that “we” owe anything for the contracts we never agreed to. I think that all nations should default on their debt just like Iceland did, the people never agreed to it, the people who agreed to a contract on others’ heads deserve the pain they’ll get when their gambles never come to fruition.

        Interest is just a payment for time-preference and I think usury is a legitimate function. Who would ever lend money if they don’t receive payment for it? It goes whack when it is centralized with a money printing center like the federal reserve with huge banks practicing fractional reserve banking, lending money they don’t have. That could absolutely be considered fraud.

        Make fractional reserve banking illegal for sure, but beware of asking for state control over banking.


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