ep67-Brian Staveley

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Showtime: Saturday, Oct. 5, 2013 9:11pm

Guest: Brian Staveley

Brian’s take on 9/11: www.therealnewsonline.com/2/po…





Brian can carry a conversation on as well as anybody, if not better. He has his own radio show, and helped inspire me to put the pieces together in a decentralized way.

We survive a DDOS attack, and Rollo also joins in at the end of the call.

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5 thoughts on “ep67-Brian Staveley

  1. or e bil

    I’m thinking that there surely must have been folks in the late 60’s/ early 70’s etc that picked up the obvious weird stuff from the media, such as the missing hand in RFK’s photo..

    And those that put together that MLK was shot in the face but his open casket picture looked like this:


    But how did the observer in-the-know deal with it?

    We often talk or post about the fake and hard to believe stuff that we find, but not how we respectively deal with the information. That might be a helpful radio chat to have amongst ourselves sometime. No pressure on you, Ab, to deliver a solution but perhaps to hear how each of us works with the new found info in our own way.

  2. Herge Degrelle

    @Ab Irato

    When I visited this site just now, I wanted to see if any new radio shows were archived, so I clicked on Radio Archives (why do I even need to do this ? Your radio show is what you are known for, they should be on the first page)). Do you know how long it took before the Radio Archives page opened up ? I counted 25 seconds !! Most other websites it only takes between 3 to 5 seconds to go from page to page, sometimes 10 seconds if it’s a media-intensive page. Then I clicked on replies to see if there were any new messages on the Atwill show. It took another 20 seconds just for the page with all the replies to open up. I hope you see that if you don’t fix this communication speed problem, it will severely restrict access to the information you are trying to spread.

    1. ab Post author

      Yes I don’t like the delays either. I installed cloudflare to help, which I think it did a bit. We got DDOSed tonite as well, so we had to go to a backup chat at fakeologist.chatango.com. Perhaps theserver is the issue, perhaps we attract the wrong type of attention and the site is being deliberately delayed. I’ll let the host know you too are getting delays. Can you send me a tracert to help pinpoint the delay?


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