The power of Clancy 66

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I’m not much of a reader, and can’t even say much about Tom Clancy’s identity or character. I do know need good writers, so is it possible Tom was one of them or at least a consultant? Was he real?

Was he a predictive programmer, like I suspect George Orwell was?

The power of Tom Clancy is that he gave us a glimpse into a post- world from the relative comfort of the 1990s. He described the astonishing might of the world’s militaries, and of the power that generals wield only for want of an enemy. He didn’t just tell you about a fighter jet; he let you fly it. He didn’t just quantify the destructive power of an atomic bomb; he blew up the Super Bowl. Restraint was never his specialty, and if it seemed like he was sharing details on par with number of bolts in an aircraft carrier, it’s because you could almost see him having so much fun while he was writing. He was a geek with a restless imagination, and vast swaths of his prose are like an applied version of Jane’s Defense Weekly.

via Tom Clancy’s Powerful Foresight Into a Post-9/11 World – D.B. Grady – The Atlantic.


4 Real Life Events Predicted by Tom Clancy

The thriller master seemed to have a knack for foreseeing the future…

1. September 11th: In Debt of Honor, Clancy imagines a scenario where an economic dispute between the United States and boils over into a military conflict. Though recurring hero Jack Ryan is able to outmaneuver the ruling Japanese cabal, the conflict results in the death of a Japan Air pilot’s son and brother. The pilot, driven insane with grief, flies his Boeing 747 into the U.S. capitol during a joint session of Congress.

2. Russia-Georgia War of 2008: One of Tom Clancy’s more successful video game “Ghost Recon” was released in 2001, but is set in 2008. The game begins with a conflict between Georgian rebel forces and Russian nationalists who have seized power with the intent of reestablishing the Soviet empire. Though many who study the region may have predicted that tensions between Georgia and Russia were likely to escalate into military conflict, Clancy’s game is strangely on target predicting the war’s start, as the game’s events take place in April 2008, just a few months before the real-world conflict began.

3. Osama Bin Laden’s Capture: For ten years, Osama Bin Laden was popularly imagined to be hiding in a cave somewhere in the border region in Southwest Afghanistan, though he was really living in relative comfort in Abbottabad, Pakistan. In Clancy’s Dead or Alive, which details the capture of a Bin Laden-like mastermind, known as “The Emir,”  the notorious terrorist has evaded the U.S. intelligence authorities, not by hiding out in South Asia, but Las Vegas. Still, the book culminated with the Bin Laden character brought to justice by special operatives and was published just a few months before the Abbottabad raid actually took place.

4. The Activities of the Joint Special Operations Command: Tom Clancy’s 1994 novel Clear and Present Danger tells the story of a desperate U.S. government and its attempt to quell the increasingly violent South American drug trade. The C.I.A resorts to intercepting mobile phone communications between drug cartels in South America, which it then uses to launch covert military actions – without the approval or knowledge of Congress – to pacify the drug cartels. As Geoffrey Ingersoll of Business Insider points out, the government’s use of phone tapping and secret military operations mirrors the acitivities of the NSA and JSOC in the years after 9-11 to suppress terrorism in the Middle East — activities which are just now being brought to the public’s attention through the Edward Snowden leaks.

If he didn’t work for the intelligence agencies, then he should have been.



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8 years ago

Please know that TOM CLANCY was invited to participate in the 9/11 hoax – and he even had the unmitigated arrogance to flip his nose at us all – on live 9/11 TV. A most disgusting clown, if you ask me :…

Watch and weep..

8 years ago
Reply to  simonshack

Wonder if all, or most famous people weather artist or writers etc… are not pat of this control mechanism.


8 years ago

Yeah hes definitely suspect, he did not even have a military background, he was a salesman before becoming a famous author. But he had a Jesuit education.

8 years ago

with such enourmous productions as the Atom Bomb, 911, Utøya Massacre etc. it makes sense that somwhere down the the line someone must come up with a plot. and a good one. well in advance. guess Clancy made it through the casting. so, anyone thought much about Jules Verne ? i mean,,, U-Boats, with atomic reactors,,, we can’t see these ships, we can film them, we’re just told they’re there,,,, are they really ? or do they just have one or two half decent ones without any atomic reactor whatsoever and justify huge spending ? maybe film some space stations… Read more »