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9/11 Deconstruction Project

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I’ve started a link here: http://bit.ly/1fQyHme

The project is just being born. This will be another collaborative effort to help expose the 9/11 operatives of the 9/11 psyOp.

Currently, we can build the list of actors involved. I’ve decided to start with the news anchors. Surely they must have known there role in propagating the myth. They must have known they were standing in front of a green screen with false imagery. They must have known if they were even recording it on 9/11/2001, or perhaps a date before that.

Dan Rather

Katie Couric

Peter Jennings

Aaron Brown

Katie Couric filling the chair

Katie Couric filling the chair (Photo credit: DonkeyHotey)

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How can all those people keep a secret?

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Let me count the ways…how long does it take to count to 3-?? billion? Has anyone tallied up the total hush money? How can we know how much is paid out? Who’s getting the lion’s share?

Really, there is no way to know. Maybe 50 actors, maybe 500 authors and artists used to create the psyOp. No matter how many there are, it wouldn’t take much money to keep all those people quiet. However many there are.

Congress has authorized paying at least $2.7 billion to people exposed to the toxic dust that swirled around Manhattan when the twin towers collapsed. First responders, construction workers and residents who lived downtown during the terror attacks are all eligible to apply.

via 9/11 victim fund applications soar as deadline looms – CBS News.

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Hoaxbusters with Simon Shack Marathon

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Just re-listening to this epic 10 hour marathon with Chris and Simon. Posting it here for my archives and your education.

I also have it playing on my old shows steam, s2.fakeologist.com. Set your radio dials over to that channel if you need some psychic driving for your abused subconscious.

Part 1

Part 2

TalkShoe – Call – Hoax Busters: Conspiracy or just Theory?.

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INXS’ Michael Hutchence and the DCP

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Michael Hutchence   Wikipedia  the free encyclopediaMike’s death numerology is full of occultist signatures. Big surprise. Apparently the band was fading fast and his association with it was on the outs. Either way, INXS was a great band and one can’t deny is his influence (on the ladies).

Hutchence and INXS went on a world tour to support the April 1997 release of Elegantly Wasted, both the album and its related singles having had less chart success than their prior releases.[1] The final leg of their 20th anniversary tour was to be in Australia in November and December. However, on the morning of 22 November 1997, Hutchence, aged 37, was found dead in Room 524 (11!) at the Ritz-Carlton hotel in Double Bay, Sydney.[1][36]

via Michael Hutchence – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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Nuke money lies

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Churchill-fallspowerhouse (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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Never mind the occultist numerology signatures everywhere.

What reasonable person who understands basic budgeting would put up with a scenario that swings $2 billion dollars depending on which way the wind blows? Does this seem like a reasonable scenario for any business or private citizen? No, of course not. However, all Ontarians will be paying for it monthly. We should be paying virtually nothing for electricity, as we all have access to two of the biggest hydro projects in the world, Niagara and Churchill Falls in Quebec. This is our right as we are supposed to be co-owners of this land’s natural resources – or are we just serfs?

Pickering nuclear project a $2-billion question Squeezing another five years of life out of the Pickering nuclear station could turn into a $1.3-billion benefit — or a $760-million loss

via Pickering nuclear project a $2-billion question.

More proof that fakeology is directly related to your financial health. Why shouldn’t you study it? How can people accept such silly financial lies without questioning them? Is everyone so dense or just not able to comprehend the gall of those who lie directly into your face?

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