Hoaxbusters with Simon Shack Marathon

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Just re-listening to this epic 10 hour with Chris and Simon. Posting it here for my archives and your education.

I also have it playing on my old shows steam, s2.fakeologist.com. Set your radio dials over to that channel if you need some for your abused subconscious.

Part 1

Part 2

TalkShoe – Call – Hoax Busters: Conspiracy or just Theory?.

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10 thoughts on “Hoaxbusters with Simon Shack Marathon

  1. John le Bon

    Ab, is there any chance you can reupload these mp3s?

    The current links and embedded players are not working.

    I can’t find the files anywhere else. I’ve searched far and wide.

    I suspect this call was the basis for the ‘Markus vs Simon’ video seen here:

  2. sami

    An excellent listen, other than Marcus\’s incessant ramblings and irritating paranoia. Simon is intelligent and eloquent, as always. He was extremely patient with Marcus and answered all of his questions to my satisfaction. Marcus comes off as extremely arrogant and elitist. His beef with Simon is uncalled for and his nitpicking about meaningless issues makes those parts of the broadcast hard to listen to. Marcus in general is unlistenable. He talks down to everyone and his ego is massive. He acts as if Simon owes him or the “truth movement” something. I couldn\’t understand why he felt like Simon should call into shows on a regular basis, so what if he doesn\’t? Marcus is extremely childish and ruined an otherwise excellent discussion. Marcus, get over yourself.

    1. ab Post author

      Upon re-listening, I too don’t see how the nitpicking points could even be relevant. Markus also transferred funding of his brother’s race car to Simon in one oversight. Living in Rome was another point he made to put suspicion on Simon. To me, these are all red herrings trying to detract from Simon’s research, which stands on its own. Simon has made his position on missiles quite clear in 2013. There was no need for missiles, since there was no destruction on any live video feed. Simon’s position stands the test of time as well.

      1. sami

        I wholeheartedly agree. Additionally, the attempt to say that Simon was analyzing animation as if it was real footage is completely nonsensical. What on earth is he talking about? Simon has been saying for years that the footage we were shown on television is not real footage but rather CGI, or animation. In fact, that\’s pretty much the point of his entire body of research. Marcus gets hung up on semantics for no good reason whatsoever. Marcus seems to be more of a shill than Simon is (not saying Marcus is a shill per se, but Simon definitely comes across as much more genuine). Marcus uses shill tactics and totally derails the conversation from the topics at hand. We want to hear more of the analysis and less of the personal attacks and squabbles. That makes for bad radio. And for a guy who CHARGES MONEY for information to call out Simon for being less than genuine is laughably ironic.

  3. rickpotvin

    Shack worked really hard with Tim– but Tim seems unable to set the shill idea aside. He says he skeptical of everyone. I think Tim needs to just quite “questioning everyone” — in terms of being a shill. As a listener, it\’s incessant and boring because I\’d rather get on with the issues.

  4. rickpotvin

    It seems to me that this is a real important interview. I’m into the first 30 min but it’s difficult to understand how it go for 10 hrs. Hearing Simon talk is very interesting– he doesn’t even feature his talks on his own site– which he ought to. I’ll work my way through it over the rest of the month. I missed who is talking with Simon.

    I should point out that a family member of mine became famous in Canada for cheering 9/11. I tried to tell him that he cheered a simulation. He refuses to acknowledge this. Witness this google search…

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