How can all those people keep a secret?

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Let me count the ways…how long does it take to count to 3-?? billion? Has anyone tallied up the total hush money? How can we know how much is paid out? Who’s getting the lion’s share?

Really, there is no way to know. Maybe 50 actors, maybe 500 authors and artists used to create the . No matter how many there are, it wouldn’t take much money to keep all those people quiet. However many there are.

Congress has authorized paying at least $2.7 billion to people exposed to the toxic dust that swirled around Manhattan when the twin towers collapsed. First responders, construction workers and residents who lived downtown during the terror attacks are all eligible to apply.

via 9/11 victim fund applications soar as deadline looms – CBS News.

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10 thoughts on “How can all those people keep a secret?

  1. Herge Degrelle

    What the hell is this crap ? Cancer victims ? Who the hell were these ‘firefighters’ rescuing anyway ? The entire narrative of all these rescue workers dying off because of their bravery is just another level of the PsyOp. Either they sent a bunch of people in there and they inhaled dust and got sick while finding no bodies whatsoever to recover or they sent a bunch of actors on the set to do the same and pretended that the former scenario was taking place by running the previously made film as some sort of ‘live’ reporting.

    With regards to numbers, some well-known statements of the past by prominent figures about another PsyOp are very instructive:

    “During his work on Hitler’s War, David Irving studied a significant number of German war-time documents. With growing amazement he realized that none of these countless documents proved that Hitler had ordered the extermination of the Jews. More amazing was the fact that the documents contained no evidence that Hitler was even aware of a plan to exterminate Europe’s Jews.

    At that time, Irving must have been aware that there were researchers who disputed the official version of the Jews’ fate during World War Two. Arthur Butz’s The Hoax of the Twentieth Century had come out in 1976, a year before Hitler’s War. It seems unlikely that Irving was not aware of this book and its thesis. At any rate, Irving failed to draw the only logical conclusion from the total lack of documentary evidence for the ‘Holocaust,’ and concluded instead that the extermination of the Jews had been ordered and organized by the Reichsführer SS Heinrich Himmler without Hitler’s knowing. In Hitler’s War, Irving wrote:

    ‘By 1942, the massacre machinery was gathering momentum – of such refinement and devilish ingenuity that from Himmler down to the ex-lawyers who ran the extermination camps perhaps only seventy men were aware of the truth.’1

    To this wildly implausible thesis, Robert Faurisson raised the following objection:

    ‘Borrowing a comparison from David Irving, I can certainly believe that Menachem Begin could have been unaware of the massacre of the Sabra and Shatila camps in Lebanon at the time it was taking place. Over a period of several hours, several hundred civilians were massacred. I do not know when Begin learned of the massacre, but I do know that, like everybody else in the world, he learned about it very quickly. If, however, instead of several hundred men, women and children being massacred in a few hours, we are considering the massacre of millions of men, women and children over a period of three or four years in the very heart of Europe, by which miracle could that heinous crime have been hidden from Hitler, Stalin, Churchill and Roosevelt, as well as Germany and all of Europe, except for perhaps only seventy men!’ 2

    Today, in 2009, this argument is as sound as it was in 1983! ”…

  2. tsisageya

    No. I think all the looting exceeds my greatest expectation. No one knows about it though. We just take it up the butt, like good soldiers. Yay, America!

  3. Aaron Johnson

    $2.7 billion! They seem to just throw numbers and figures out there willy nilly… But I think you’re right, it wouldn’t take much to keep people quiet, especially when they can print as much money as they want and pay people off.

    1. khammad

      This link is an interview of actors from the recent StarTrek movie, where the question is asked “What would happen if you didn’t keep the script a secret?” How different would keeping a secret about ANY professionally run psyop be from a movie?

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