Pink propaganda

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Is cancer and its multibillion dollar research business a scam in some level? Probably. Here’s a discussion on the propaganda wing of the hoax.

A Colorado mother expresses frustration
 that her sons are being feminized under
the pretext of supporting breast cancer research.…

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2 thoughts on “Pink propaganda

  1. Aaron Johnson

    This is interesting because just last night a friend of mine told me that the NFL is doing breast cancer awareness for the cancer society. He did some research and found that the head of the american cancer society made over three million dollars in 2010. He was completely outraged and we had a good text conversation about it. He isn\’t interested in media fakery so it was good know that we could finally agree on one aspect of fakery.

    So needless to say I believe breast cancer awareness and cancer research is a big sham. I don\’t remember doctors or the medical industry curing anything so why expect one now? People have this belief that it\’s going to take millions and billions of dollars to find a cure. That\’s nonsense. People cure themselves of cancer all the time just by changing their diet.

  2. UNreal

    Definately believe there are links in this PsyOp between sex & cancer;

    famous people shows sex is mortal
    hitting the tung with M Douglas (oral sex)
    hitting the tits with mastectomy/cancer Anjelica Jolie, Christina Applegate, Kathy Bates, Nancy Reagan, Olivia Newton-John, Sharon Osbourne,
    hitting the Pancreas with S Jobs, P Swayze, L Pavarotti

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