Is fusion just the next fraud?

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At one time I was all excited about 0;cheap” or “free energy”, but now I’m suspicious it’s just the next fraud being setup as they phase out the old “fission” nuclear fraud.

The facility, which served as a backdrop to the movie Star Trek: Into Darkness, uses 192 beams from the world’s most powerful laser to heat and compress a pellet containing Hydrogen fuel until nuclear fusion occurs.

via ‘Continuous’ nuclear fusion comes one step closer – Science – News – The Independent.

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3 thoughts on “Is fusion just the next fraud?

  1. rickpotvin

    I was into the Tokamak Reactor since high school and into fusion even more with my reading of pro-fusion Larouche starting in 2000. Now with the big lies being exposed and the end of mythology, I\’d have to continue to expose those frauds and find out if the ionosphere really exists. I have a backyard lawnchair set up with an antenna for positive protons– that they say collect in the ionosphere– and plant my feet on the electrically grounded ground. I haven\’t felt anything distinctive yet. I do find it relaxing however. It might just be the lawnchair and sundown at day\’s end in the backyard. But it\’s a unique lawnchair wired to the ionosphere… Do you have one?

      1. rickpotvin

        Tesla\’s inventions– which would have included the proton chair– as you know, have been suppressed. Your notion that Tesla was largely perpetrating hoaxes might not be true. I think this photo of Tesla in a chair NEAR his proton antenna– made to work in REVERSE… demonstrates the possibility of selling something on Amazon. I\’ll work on it. Take a look……

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