Country Takeover 101

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We’ve seen this play out on a large scale in Germany, Iraq and Libya. It mainly employs to simulate and formulate the situation. Method:

-Create an event to demonize its leadership or political structure
-Initiate sanctions to smoke out the middle class
-Middle class (main economy) flees, leaving elite and poor
-Unrest of starving poor towards elites ignites demand for inside and outside action
-Move in and bomb (mostly) empty structures and infrastructure
-Arrange theatrical leadership change to fool world
-Rebuild, loaning your money to your companies in the new country’s name
-Ensure default of payment with high interest
-Repossess (natural) resources as only valuable collateral
-voila! You now own the country, its people, and its security.

Objectives met: war, destruction and most importantly reconstruction of infrastructure (both physical and social) to ensure maximum profit for both present and future.

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