One of my favorite deceivers

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Double Rummy.

0;Is this an unknown unknown?”

“There are many of those”

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1 thought on “One of my favorite deceivers

  1. rickpotvin

    Ab, I always liked Rummy\’s reference to “unknown unknowns” vs. “known unknowns” because i understood what he meant– at the same time understanding the futility and humor of trying to explain it to the public. He would say “we know what we don\’t know” and “we don\’t know what we don\’t know” too. This is philosophically sound in my view. The best analogy would be to look at an algebra equation. If you have known unknowns, you can express them perhaps as a + b / c2 = x. Those are the known “unknowns” or “variables”. However what if a process significantly involves a “d” and and “e”? The true situation would be a + b + (10d/e) / c2 = x. Rumsfeld was heavily into precision bombing and optimal efforts so his reductionism and math would be consistent with unknown variables as a danger. Of course, it\’s not way to wage war but that\’s beside my point. What he said made sense to me.

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