George 44 trippin’

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George has an honesty streak that always causes him to stutter on a lie. It’s refreshing. Too bad people just saw him as a dufus.

Everyone has the innate need to tell the truth. Too bad some never do.


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8 years ago

AB, that\’s a really interesting take on GW– I\’ve never looked at him that way before just now but you\’re onto something there. I looked up Laura Bush and reviewed the accident she had been in– that has conflicting info– then compared Laura\’s lipsticked permanent psychopathic-looking smile to the Joker in Batman. Then I watched GW again– and saw Laura\’s micromoved lips curve down ever-so-slightly when GW said “cons…”. Amazing. Too bad we can\’t get that youtube in a slowframe play. The funniest part is at the very end when GW finishes his final sentence and a big smile comes… Read more »