ep68-Fakeologist Radio Raw

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Showtime: Saturday, Oct. 12, 2013 9:11pm

Last minute broadcast – I’ll go over some of the week’s events and take calls.

We had Rollo, Chris, Wanda, Chubbs, on the call.



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7 thoughts on “ep68-Fakeologist Radio Raw

  1. ab Post author

    Here’s a comment that came via contact.fakeologist.com – the user wishes to remain anon:

    I have listened to most of your shows and thought it was time to send thanks. Your doing an impressive job especially having not done radio and being new to the topics. Good choice of guests and the international
    perspective is interesting. I feel a little reluctant criticising one of them, this being my first message but I found Rollo very irritating to the point
    of I won’t listen to him again if i can help it. On that last call with the female guest he came over as a co host being annoying, obnoxious and hostile, then trying to pass it off as being passionate and challenging.
    I value your podcast and website a lot which i think is why this has bugged me enough to email which i’ve never done. Im sure the adulation he gives is nice but as a listener i think hes bad news he spoils a good thing. Thats just my honest feedback. I don’t hold it against you and will carry on listening because at the moment its one of my favourite podcasts. Im not into infighting im coming from a cruel to be kind place because i feel what your doing is rare-hoaxes etc and feel protective towards. Nice move coining fakeology!

      1. ab Post author

        For the record Rollo I like you. You have a good spirit and just don’t listen as well when you’re on the sauce. Your intentions are good IMHO.

    1. Rollo

      Sorry to Chubs and Wanda, who made the time and effort to call in and in no-way deserved to be treated with such hostility, Hopefully you can forgive me,

  2. rickpotvin

    Nuclear is not JUST a fake method of generating electricity. It\’s a dumpload. It\’s not that there\’s a surplus of electricity… it\’s a lower requirement for dumploading. In other words, there is less requirement to keep as many generators running overnight, with a load. They STILL REQIRE dumploading however. The seroius question is– in an expanding economy– why is there less need for overnight dumploading? Answer: I suppose efficiency gains and exported factories. In this anti-hoax scenario– there is NO NUCLEAR POWER possible. ALL power comes from gas, coal and hydro powered turbines. Interestingly, CHINA is building MORE “nuclear power plants” right now. That\’s because they have increased needs to dump overnight loads. The SCALE and worldwide level of deception on this matter is bizarre– if we\’re right– it\’s so huge and complete that I can only think to incorporate some sort of demonic level control of human minds on the matter.

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