OBF tries Fetzer, again

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Fakeologist and cluesforum.info fan OBF tries again to work on Fetzer, but alas, ultimately gets nowhere.

OBF’s latest, ultimately frustrating Real Deal appearance wasn’t much more productive than the previous one, I’m sad to say. Maybe if it had gone on for a second hour, OBF might have been able finally to confront Dr. Fetzer with a laundry list of GLARING, SPECIFIC INCONSISTENCIES in the imagery

via The Real Deal with Jim Fetzer podcast: ‘Onebornfree’ / James Fetzer.

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1 thought on “OBF tries Fetzer, again

  1. UNreal

    Good news in itself that 911 complete fakery is discussed and partly exposed to more people.
    Possibly quite unfortunate that S.Shack have not accepted interview requests however.

    Hope we\’ll hear more on the “all fake” theory on Fetzer, hopefully OneBornFree could mention Fakeologist as well.
    Ab on the \’Real Deal\’ would be really interesting !

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