James Woods, deceiver

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Creep character specialist James Woods doing his part to propagate and pre-seed the myth with resident angry-patriot-man Bill O’Reilly.

Another actor I can never look at the same way again.

5 thoughts on “James Woods, deceiver

  1. rickpotvin

    What about his hands, Ala Samoan? I noted he used his finger many times as he lied to touch his nose and his chin. I don\’t know a lot of body language but those moves seem odd. Spell it out the way you see it.

    Another aspect to James Woods is his choice of movies to act in. One of the most famous, VideoDrone, features Wood\’s characters\’ fascination with TV hallucinations. I\’ve set up several Youtube clips in a convenient format for Ab\’s fans to view at the following forum link. It\’s super easy to use and fun too. You\’ll see. There may even be a connection between 9/11 and the producer of VideoDrone- David Cronenberg. You\’ll see him interviewed too. Both these guys have a fascination with how video/tv can transform reality… which is eerily reminiscent of what we were told about 9/11– that it changes everything.

    1. ala samoan

      Hi Rick,

      Watch the clip again, when he’s resting his hands not when he’s touching his face. Their in the shape of a pyramid , he does this more than several times.

      Now next time your having a conversation with some one try it, it’s not natural


      1. rickpotvin

        Ah… the pyramid hands. Ab is attempting to codify many aspects of the decievers– the “decepticons”… and as we point these cues out to each other here, it becomes ridiculously obvious. Their weakness is indeed, as ab says, the number-cues and now the body language cues.

        As to Woods– he played in VideoDrone– which I view as Woods’ and producer Cronenberg’s early “clue” for their future complicity in whatever their 9/11 roles would be. VideoDrone– for REAL– is what the 9/11 movie has become. The philosophy of the video hoaxes we’re seeing is spelled out by Woods’ character and others in that move. The TV becomes flesh… in a realistic way– not quite morphing objects like in the movie– but certainly in perpetrating wars and other real actions.

        The more interesting deciever related to Woods’ is Cronenberg– the genius behind the scripts. AND possibly the writer/producer of “9/11 as movie”– just as Kubrick is said to have been the writer/producer of the Apollo 11 illusion. Kubrick’s 2001 was Cronenberg’s Videodrone. Kubricks Apollo 11 was POSSIBLY Cronenberg’s 9/11? Have we here in fakology thought about who “produced” the 9/11 movie yet? Has Simon? Could it have taken one singular genius to pull it together? Could it have been Cronenberg?


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