3 thoughts on “Jesus psyOp counterpunch

  1. wanda

    Look… Christianity was a political movement instigated by the jews for whatever reason, probably to fleece the goyem. Christianity, Islam and Judaism are all the same religion when you think on it… they all worship the god of Abraham… and he is a blood thirsty demon.

    All governments are the same religion. Isn’t that what we really need to real-eyes? All the rest is, in essence, just religious, brain control noise.

    I’m for anything that furthers the death of beLIEfs… it is time for logic, reason and morality… and religion has proven it contains none of that.

  2. Blue Moon

    One other thing- The idea that Roman intelligence would covertly promote a campaign of Christian conversion and then overtly persecute those same converts is a classic intelligence move to identify and weed out dissent- Then, if proved resilient, co-opting the church\’s nascent leadership is a planned for contingency- To remain on top, elites routinely change names and masks and foundation myths- (Orwell long before there was Orwell-)

  3. Blue Moon

    Admittedly, Atwill\’s theory has weak aspects but this guy\’s counter punch contains many articles of faith- For example, he assumes the tales of Christian persecution are legitimate and free of any agenda even though they are ascribed to court propagandists and later church fathers with their own malleable history to promote- The assumption that the veracity of the secular writers of the ancient world were to be supported because the religious texts were always suspect, is a common prejudice- Tacitus, to name one court scribe, was commissioned largely to justify the usurpation of the Julio-Claudian line by the Flavians and that\’s the root of the anti- Julio-Claudian legends such as Nero ruling the greatest empire of the age for 14 years while allegedly behaving like an obese Mick Jagger- (BTW, Tacitus\’ passage about Christus and the persecution by Nero of his “followers” is certainly a later insertion to synchronize the legends of the gospels with “official” history- Media fakery right there!) The narrator also assumes the legitimacy of the Pauline epistles and their alleged dates preceding the Jewish War when, in fact, no copies of any letters exist prior to the end of the second century- I do admit Richard Dawkin\’s support is a red flag, but this particular critique is not persuasive-

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