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Was the Paul Wellstone death a hoax?

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Another of Fetzer’s pet projects is the Paul Wellstone “assassination”. Could it have been another psyOp? So many occultist clues… plus the directed-energy weapon red herring is another red flag that we are dealing with a JFK (Jr) type removal of a sympathetic (for the people) character.

On October 25, 2002, Wellstone, along with seven others, died in an airplane crash in northern Minnesota, at approximately 10:22 a.m. He was 58 years old. The other victims were his wife, Sheila; one of his three children, Marcia; the two pilots, his driver, and two campaign staffers.

Wellstone died just 11 days before his potential re-election in a crucial race to maintain Democratic control of the Senate.

After voting against the congressional authorization for the war in Iraq on October 11, 2002, in the midst of a tight election, Wellstone is said to have told his wife, “I just cost myself the election.”

The NTSB accident report is disputed in the book American Assassination: The Strange Death of Senator Paul Wellstone by Don “Four Arrows” Jacobs and James H. Fetzer.[37] The authors allege there are problems with “the official story” and that there is evidence of an official cover-up. One of their principal claims is that FBI personnel left the field office in St. Paul for northern Minnesota before the plane crashed. They propose that the plane was shot down with a directed-energy weapon.

via Paul Wellstone – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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Gematria from the mailbag

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mailbagFrom user Angelldust

Comment: I’ve enjoyed browsing your site. I’ve been reading cluesforum for a few years and occasionally contributing. I thought you might find this information interesting and good fodder for a future radio show:

I’ve noticed a tendency to overuse “el” in psyop names and characters. It turns out this is a practice called Theophory, which refers to embedding the name of god into words and proper names. El refers to god in Judaism. This might also indicate why 11 is such a useful number in psyops.

Out of curiosity, I found 542 el’s in a list of 3043 9/11 vicsims, 18%. I only found 48 in 528 members of the US house and senate, less than 10%. This seems improbable to me.

A step further led me to gematrix.org, a gematria calculator. Gematria is the Hebrew practice of linking words together using their numerical values. In essence, a word or a name might be chosen for it’s hidden correlation. A fun example:

Sandy Hook = Ryan Lanza = Simonshack = 672. Essentially, TPTB named the psyop after Simon, which is perhaps why they were so sloppy to be caught. What are the chances that the event and the anti-hero would tie out to the same number? Low probability.

Anyway, it’s possible to go crazy with this gematrix.org, but to me, it’s a now proven useful tool for uncovering connections.

Thanks for the email. Even though the protagonist in the Sandy Hoax PsyOp was Adam Lanza, I find the whole concept interesting.

Feel free to send me info at contact.fakeologist.com. No return email required.

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Fruity nukes at the Oklahoma City Murrah building

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No doubt in my mind that Oklahoma was a mini 9/11. The parallels are endless and I’m glad to see OBF and Pshea make mention of it in the thread below that I commented on.

My favorite part of this fantasy theory is the pineapple nuke. If this miniaturization of the nuclear bomb hoax was true, then we need to immediately surround Costa Rica and start inspecting their biggest export, one by one. I am sure Dole will he happy to dole out the dough. Heck, if it can double their profits, why not? What’s next? Banana nukes? Obf and Pshea have it right. This was another military media hoax for fear and money like 9/11.

via The Real Deal with Jim Fetzer podcast: Harmon Taylor.

On reflection, I did enjoy this broadcast. It’s quite clear that the whole Oklahoma City Bombing was a psyOp done in the same full-of-holes way as 9/11. The bomb in the fertilizer truck made no sense from an explosive point of view, the illegal moving of the trial from the state was not legal. The building itself was a state building rented to the feds.

As usual, the only thing Fetzer leaves out and glosses over is the possibility that no-one died, and the holes in the story can be simply attributed to the fact that it was a manufactured event. No truck was required, since the scene was a controlled demolition scene and they only had to say there was a truck, and back it up with fake witnesses and imagery. The parallels with the 9/11 planes and the impossible damage they did to real buildings are striking.

Getting back to the methodology of the destruction: how are nukes or direct energy weapons that we have no proof of their existence seem more likely and explainable than media fakery that we do have proof exists? Why do these two educated people insist of believing in magic instead of reality?

All their arguments become unhinged on this simple reality: their theories are magical where mine are based on today’s (and yesterday’s) very simple and cheap media manipulation.

JFK theory blows

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Showing the power of headlines, this sensationalist promotion grabs your attention. Sadly, I’ve seen nothing in the reviews that casts one shadow of doubt on my theory that not only is the government’s official conspiracy theory nonsense, but all the others are too.

The entire shooting was a hoax, a grand psyOp that was as complete as the 9/11 master psyOp. All the alternative theories, the Zapruder film, the commissions, are diversionary sideshows to keep you away from the main idea. Let’s see a book say or imply that concept!

I didn’t doubt there would be more books out to counter the Jesse Ventura “63 reasons” book. Perhaps there will be another in the coming weeks as 11/22 approaches.

A new book about the assassination of President John F. Kennedy claims to ‘blow the conspiracy theories out of the water’ by proving that Lee Harvey Oswald was the lone gunman.

via New book ‘blows JFK assassination conspiracy theories out of the water’ by ‘proving’ Lee Harvey Oswald was the lone gunman | Mail Online.

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