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mailbagFrom user Angelldust

Comment: I’ve enjoyed browsing your site. I’ve been reading for a few years and occasionally contributing. I thought you might find this information interesting and good fodder for a future radio show:

I’ve noticed a tendency to overuse 0;el” in names and characters. It turns out this is a practice called Theophory, which refers to embedding the name of god into words and proper names. El refers to god in Judaism. This might also indicate why 11 is such a useful number in .…

Out of curiosity, I found 542 el’s in a list of 3043 vicsims, 18%. I only found 48 in 528 members of the US house and senate, less than 10%. This seems improbable to me.

A step further led me to, a gematria calculator. Gematria is the Hebrew practice of linking words together using their numerical values. In essence, a word or a name might be chosen for it’s hidden correlation. A fun example:

= Ryan Lanza = Simonshack = 672. Essentially, TPTB named the psyop after Simon, which is perhaps why they were so sloppy to be caught. What are the chances that the event and the anti-hero would tie out to the same number? Low probability.

Anyway, it’s possible to go crazy with this, but to me, it’s a now proven useful tool for uncovering connections.

Thanks for the email. Even though the protagonist in the PsyOp was Adam Lanza, I find the whole concept interesting.

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