JFK theory blows

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Showing the power of headlines, this sensationalist promotion grabs your attention. Sadly, I’ve seen nothing in the reviews that casts one shadow of doubt on my theory that not only is the government’s official conspiracy theory nonsense, but all the others are too.

The entire shooting was a hoax, a grand that was as complete as the master psyOp. All the alternative theories, the Zapruder film, the commissions, are diversionary sideshows to keep you away from the main idea. Let’s see a book say or imply that concept!

I didn’t doubt there would be more books out to counter the Jesse Ventura 0;63 reasons” book. Perhaps there will be another in the coming weeks as 11/22 approaches.

A new book about the assassination of President John F. Kennedy claims to ‘blow the conspiracy theories out of the water’ by proving that Lee Harvey Oswald was the lone gunman.

via New book ‘blows JFK assassination conspiracy theories out of the water’ by ‘proving’ Lee Harvey Oswald was the lone gunman | Mail Online.

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3 thoughts on “JFK theory blows

  1. ArmunnRigh

    Yes, the idea of using motion pictures was to ensure History would never again be available for revision. Footage of a piece of History would be enough to prove its authenticity and reality.
    Before that, historic moments would be open for debate with the analysis of documents this way and that.

    That was their idea, anyway – not entirely successful, but mostly.

  2. ArmunnRigh

    Staging the event might not be enough for the future. Photographs and words would probably not suffice to really move US people’s emotions at the right time years later.
    So, as a failsafe to produce workable footage, people were deployed to film the event. Among them, filming from the best privileged position, ensuring that the moment of infamy was immortalized, was the Zapruder film character.

    Nowadays we, those aware of fakeology, can understand the need for a clip reselling the assassination, but at the time (note that apparently it was only aired publicly in 1975), I’m pretty sure this was not the standard as it is now. People would just watch it in sheer shock. Just as the Vietnam War pressure cooker was about to be dismantled, the assassination had been exhumed and reingested.

    With this in mind, it is also important to understand then that the film that sold the JFK assassination for future generations was perhaps the great-grandparent of all the contemporary footage showing staged realities.

    The Zapruder film was a proven hoax:
    The Great Zapruder Film Hoax

    1. ab Post author

      JFK was the beginning of using TV as a weapon of mass deception. The next big one was the Moon, as well as the MLK and RFK and Vietnam propaganda.

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