3 thoughts on “Who is this “City of London”

  1. elbuggo

    “City of London” is the answer to the man-behind-the-curtain question? You may blame “City of London” for whatever you like, and as long as you like, without getting any resistance whatsoever. You can just as well blame hot air, the economy, the government or the military or Donald Duck. Expect no resistance there either, whatsoever.

    “To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize.”- Voltaire

    Here is one guy who ran into some resistance after this interview – his last time on TV:

    Greta Van Susteren – James Traficant

    Here is another guy who disappeared from TV after this interview:

    Rick Sanchez’s interview in its entirety that got him fired from CNN.

    – that is what resistance looks like. Blame “City of London” all day long – you will never get any resistance whatsoever, because, it is just another distraction of course.

    1. wanda

      There is something to what you say, but with the two examples you gave… Traficant and Sanchez…
      i think you need to check your beliefs at the door. Yes, they were kicked out of the club… but listen to them for five minutes, you can see all they are doing is trying to get back on the public dole… and it is obvious, for Pete’s sake.

      They eat their own, this is just an example of that. All we see in those two jokers are two one-time fat cats trying to get back in the good graces of their cronies so they can continue to reap the rewards from hapless suckers like those who happen to buy their obviously full of holes stories.

      There is not one ounce of humanity or morality in either of these men… and you can know it because of it’s glaring absence. Read between the lines, listen for the words that are not there. Both these men are hip to keep you firmly within the established paradigms… nothing more, nothing less. They have no message… please listen to them with new ears.

      1. elbuggo

        Don’t recommend that anyone listen to what Traficant and Sanchez normally have to say, and not relevant if they want to get back on the public dole. Just look at what happened when they talked about the tribe. They certainly found some resistance there. Everyone else in the media and politicians got the message too. This is exactly how the editors run their media outlets. They don’t have to yell and scream to get the message across – it is done by osmosis.

        The point is: if Traficant and Sanchez had talked about “City of London”, nothing would have happened, because there isn’t any real substance or resistance there. They would have to limit it somewhat though, before they could be labeled as nuts. Not so very popular title you know.

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