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Baby Bonnie and Clyde

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Normally, I wouldn’t even look at this story. Here are two reasons I did: 1. I traveled this road last year and 2. I don’t trust anything I read anymore.

When I saw that the teenager was clocked at speeds of up to 100 mph on a very twisty, mountainous road, I immediately wondered how, unless he’s the son of Mario Andretti, he managed to traverse such a road without driving off the edge. My maximum speed was probably 40 mph, and that was often too fast for unfamiliar terrain.

This area is also in the news again, as it’s the nearest border crossing to the Lac Megantic area, which hosted its own cross-border psyOp earlier this year. Is this just an excuse to bring it back into their news?

As an aside, this is probably the only border point I’ve been at where there was a 5 car, 20 minute delay going into Canada — and not one car over that time crossing into the US. The road and scenery in Maine is also very beautiful in the summer.

Two Canadian teenagers are in custody after a crime spree that began with a stolen car in Ontario over the weekend and ended Tuesday morning in a chase by police and shots fired by U.S. Border Patrol agents in Franklin County, authorities said.

Wearing a hospital gown and neck brace for injuries he suffered when he jumped into the Carrabassett River, Zachary Wittke leaves Farmington District Court on Tuesday.

The teenagers from Ontario – a 16-year-old boy and a 13-year-old girl from communities just outside Ottawa – led officers on a southbound chase in which speeds reached 100 mph on Route 27 from the border crossing linking Coburn Gore and St.-Augustin-de-Woburn, Quebec.

They were caught after crashing the car and fleeing into the Carrabassett River, Maine Department of Public Safety spokesman Stephen McCausland said in a news release.

“It was a mini Bonnie and Clyde thing,” Franklin County Sheriff Scott Nichols said.

Zachary Wittke of Eganville, Ontario, was charged in Maine with three Class C felonies: eluding an officer, passing a roadblock and aggravated criminal mischief.

Speeds during the chase early Tuesday morning reached more than 100 mph, and Border Patrol agents fired shots at the fleeing car after it collided with two Border Patrol vehicles. Neither of the teens was hit by gunfire, and neither fired at authorities, Nichols said.

via Two Canadian teens in custody after wild Maine chase | The Portland Press Herald / Maine Sunday Telegram.


More “America is #1” PsyOp

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The intent here is not to bash America(ns). The intent is simply to inform Americans that their deliberate isolation and inculcation is to ultimately denude and defraud them, so they’ll be happy to defend the world’s corporations and their global assault and assimilation. If Americans only knew of the deliberate manipulation by the controlled media, they’d surely be furious and withdraw their support.

Ultimately, fakeologist’s goal is to make Americans aware they are probably the #1 target of psyOps worldwide, in part because they fund and support the biggest military complex in the world. I guarantee this is NOT what America, or Americans, believe they stand for.

America: turn off your TVs and research JFK, Apollo, the Cold War, nukes, 9/11 and toss off the shackles! It won’t take long, we promise!

The World According to Americans | The Big Picture.

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Faul on Paul

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Read this article with this paradigm: the Beatles were an invented entity, like Mozart, whose songs were created by a wide swath of song writers of the day, who deliberately mixed lyrics and melody according to a strict, tested, hypnotic formula from Tavistock to influence and lead people. Only then will this article make sense, for instance, here Faul is convincing himself of his own history as we are told.

So I started off with this song — just a nostalgic trip, really. I was remembering John and I in Liverpool as young boys, walking down the street, dressed in black, guitars slung across our backs, trying to get people to listen to our music. Or we’d be in the record shop, listening to new records. All these experiences were in the song. And then I got to the last verse and I thought, “That’s all very well, me telling everyone how all this went down, but there are a lot of people who are going to say, ‘Well, no — I know what really happened.’ “

His new song Early Days is mocking those that question the history of Faul/Paul, of “who did this, and who did that”.

via What Makes Paul McCartney Nervous? : NPR.

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Sandy hoax vicsim hoax

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A further layer of the disinfo onion, similar to a fake “fake” 9/11 victim named Alicia Esteve Head.

The role of disinfo is to make everything possible and nothing knowable. To see a fake “fake” relative of a victim serves to discredit and confuse anyone who hears that the victims and their relatives were actors of vicsims.

A New York City woman who posed as the aunt of a boy killed in the Newtown elementary school shooting massacre and solicited money was sentenced on Tuesday to eight months in prison.

via Woman who posed as aunt of Newtown victim sentenced to 8 months – National | Globalnews.ca.

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