6 thoughts on “Dallas Goldbug Debunked Beautifully

  1. Gorak

    “Betsy,” you seem angry.
    You would have us believe that YOU are searching for “truth” … right?
    You say wellaware1 dot com is paid by? $25 a year? That’s why you’re sore? Yea looks like everyone is doing it for the massive wealth… What else ya got?
    This 15 minute video has not debunked anything, but it shows where you stand.
    Maybe if you showed the video he made – instead of speaking the entire time,
    telling us what he said…on YouTube… then you close with a taunt to his supporters?
    Not sure if he’s right 100% of the time – which isn’t the point at all – and even once is a serious issue.
    Instead of trying to get any bit of information out there – he’s made some very obvious connections – everyone should see how AIG is hiding NAZIs. Instead of helping bring any of this to light – some you must agree with if you’re real…and not some disinformation zombie yourself – cause I know I’m not the first to call you a pathetic shill.

    1. metaOne

      ab – i found you from cluesforum.info back in early summer. like cluesforum and from this: fakeologist.com/2013/10/16/dal… it seems many of us can get past the actors that are hiding in plain sight.

      i dont know why clues and those who understand the CGI part are so adamant there are no actors (funny though, that Boston amputee was an actor, right? just not playing dress up? is THAT where the line is being drawn?)

      maybe its simple gate keeping within and projecting it without…who knows, but we need to actually discuss the facts rather than ad hominem attacks you call beautiful and say its put to bed. not quite…there are some CRAZY connections DGB makes and I believes its two fold why he’s doing it, but basically he’s protecting himself b/c he’s wading in a deep, dark murky pool of sharks and he knows it so he’s got cover as “art and freedom of expression” etc…it’s smart really when playing in the gray reality…

      so here is where I knew DGB nailed it early this year when I stumbled upon his info. what is jesse ventura’s real name? james george janos (janus, two faced, hello!? JGJ – two towers with a “G” in between, whose that sound like?)

      SO LET ME GET THIS STRAIGHT!? a man, using a STAGE NAME, NOT HIS BIRTH NAME became the governor of a state…why didnt James George Janos become governor…are we all allowed to use FAKE NAMES in PUBLIC OFFICE!? is that lawful to you or even ethical? so we have straight up actors, playing politicans, and we can’t seem to make the simple connection, there is a deeper game with their actor game being played?

      how many actors have we elected? hollywood/politics aren’t separate…if half the film or more is prefilmed then why would it be so hard to alter a face? benjamin button – watch what they can do…so to think DGB is somehow a shill due to the some bad calls is so myopic and ironic as crap given what layer of the puzzle you and clues are playing with.

      kelly clarkson was asked why she wasn’t dieting for her wedding…she said i’ll always look good in photographs because of photoshop…they’ll tuck her waist in…much easier than moving pictures for sure, but not really; moving is just a series of photographs at speed…

      i’d be curious to isolate some of the most definite calls and discuss them. in reality the easiest way to begin to break this open is to begin basically tracking these guys and comparing the schedules, wives, etc

      i mean the new pope…really…what do all those actors do in their off time when they dont appear in a film for i don’t know YEARS and years?

      its a game down here…nothing more or less, just trying to dialogue about it.


  2. wolfman9

    Betsy Mcgee doesn’t seem that genuine to me either. I don’t buy DGB’s crap but, I don’t think Betsy really does much to debunk him in this video, she just seems to make fun of him. Makes me wonder if this isn’t just another made up shill infight to add dramatic effect. What if some of his ‘matches’ are correct but, he fills the rest with bull to discredit himself and others doing research into fakery? He wants people to think an ‘actor based reality’ is all there is and that we should go after the people he says that they are. I think the possibility of that kind of thing is there (not that we need to pursue these people individually) but, it’s not the be all, end all of the many ways to deceive and there is no way he is correct on most of his ‘work’. Yes, DBG seems like a megashill but, it makes me wonder if he is just there to muddy the waters on a topic that could be somewhat true. Disinformation is usually based in some kind of truth, that’s why it can seem to resonate at times, I think..

    1. wanda

      I wonder the same thing… i even wonder about Ab. Everything is not fake… the deal is to use discernment. Seems to me the rule about disinformation is to start with some truth to get people on board, then once hooked, it is believed they will swallow the entire hook, line and sinker. I don’t know if they quite understand it doesn’t work that way, not with the more experienced of truth seekers… and this shi*t is getting mighty long in the tooth.

      I watched Betsy give sophomoric responses to people with very enlightening commentary and when she couldn’t intelligently defend her obscure claims she removed comments and blocked people. Those are the actions of one who cannot defend their position… those are the actions of someone who is being deceptive. And i witnessed the YouTube viewer count freeze. All very suspicious. When you lose objectivity, you lose credibility, IMO.

      If Ed is right on just 10% of what he posts (and he is) we have a serious issue that needs to be looked at. I have had people look at the image i’m posting of Kevin Costner and Sandusky and tell me they look nothing alike… and that tells me they are full of shinola. **For the record, Ed did come out and say he was wrong about it being Kevin Costner… it was his father.

      1. ab Post author

        I’m not offended if people question me – they should. I would. I have enough material online by now to judge me and my intentions.

        I’ll take Betsy over Dallas as being more “real” any day of the week. The ear analysis did have me going for a bit though…but not that long.

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