Faul on Paul

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Read this article with this paradigm: the Beatles were an invented entity, like Mozart, whose songs were created by a wide swath of writers of the day, who deliberately mixed lyrics and melody according to a strict, tested, hypnotic formula from Tavistock to influence and lead people. Only then will this article make sense, for instance, here is convincing himself of his own history as we are told.

So I started off with this song — just a nostalgic trip, really. I was remembering John and I in Liverpool as young boys, walking down the street, dressed in black, guitars slung across our backs, trying to get people to listen to our . Or we’d be in the record shop, listening to new records. All these experiences were in the song. And then I got to the last verse and I thought, 0;That’s all very well, me telling everyone how all this went down, but there are a lot of people who are going to say, ‘Well, no — I know what really happened.’ “

His new song Early Days is mocking those that question the history of Faul/, of “who did this, and who did that”.

via What Makes Paul McCartney Nervous? : NPR.

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  1. wolfman9

    I have noticed many articles lately, in conjunction with the release of Faul’s new album, about the little stories they tell about how many of the Beatles most famous songs came about. I think your explanation is much more likely.

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