More “America is #1” PsyOp

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The intent here is not to bash America(ns). The intent is simply to inform Americans that their deliberate isolation and inculcation is to ultimately denude and defraud them, so they’ll be happy to defend the world’s corporations and their global assault and assimilation. If Americans only knew of the deliberate manipulation by the controlled media, they’d surely be furious and withdraw their support.

Ultimately, fakeologist’s goal is to make Americans aware they are probably the #1 target of worldwide, in part because they fund and support the biggest military complex in the world. I guarantee this is NOT what America, or Americans, believe they stand for.

America: turn off your TVs and research , Apollo, the Cold War, nukes, and toss off the shackles! It won’t take long, we promise!

The World According to Americans | The Big Picture.

h/t Banazir

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