Sandy hoax vicsim hoax

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A further layer of the onion, similar to a fake 0;fake” victim named Alicia Esteve Head.

The role of disinfo is to make everything possible and nothing knowable. To see a fake “fake” relative of a victim serves to discredit and confuse anyone who hears that the victims and their relatives were actors of vicsims.

A New York City woman who posed as the aunt of a boy killed in the Newtown elementary school shooting massacre and solicited money was sentenced on Tuesday to eight months in prison.

via Woman who posed as aunt of Newtown victim sentenced to 8 months – National |

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2 thoughts on “Sandy hoax vicsim hoax

  1. wanda

    A “Global News” agency utilizing a WordPress blog? I don’t think so… i call bullshit.

    There is truth, it is knowable. When all the lies fall in on themselves… the truth will still be right there where it always was… shining through.

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