4 thoughts on “Watch “Iron Man 3: Media Fakery, Revelation of the Method” on YouTube

  1. rickpotvin

    I think your readers/listeners feedback is spread too thin –what with chat, comments, forum with multiple threads instead of one forum master page like my forum. Nobody can really see anyone else easily and quickly. The n54 format solves that with outline format and pop-to-the-top threads that make the latest poster visible . Threads that the visitor has read are a different color than new threads so its easy to spot new ones. Chat here is worse than twitter– and you even have that going. It’s actually a bit ridiculous. I just refuse to hunt all over the place for your visitors. I’m confident others are in the same frame of mind. You need one efficient place where visitors can spot what’s going on here at this site at a glance. WordPress actually isn’t that good compared to Blogger. Network54 has preserved my own work for 15 years for free. This is my last pitch to you on this… I give up. I tracked my own reaction to 9/11 from the very morning of 9/11 to now– using the forum here…www.network54.com/Forum/153202…

    There is nothing “not easy” about it– Subject lines are clear– outlines are clear– new posts are different colours, — latest comments pop to the top immediately– links are possible, multiple videos can be embedded– not like here. It’s vastly superior to anything you have here in the way of reader feedback– AND it’s funner. er… more fun. Unite your readers and listeners in ONE page– unless your objective is to keep your readers divided and lost– which is it?

  2. rickpotvin

    The thing to keep in mind– is that the N54 forum is the only one that allows you to create an “outline”– which is a universal technique for thinking. Example– Earth Rotation Hoax


    The critical feature is “outline”…
    D. 1.
    4. a

  3. rickpotvin

    Hi Ab and Ab fans. I noted the reference to VideoDome in the clip ab posted here. See the James Woods post. It’s quite involved…. and, as well, revealing method– from 1983! There are more references I’d like to talk about but– Abe– gotta tellya… this comments section along with your website is so loaded with gadgets that it’s slow beyond my ability to deal with so… I’m done here. I’ll only post a link to the MUCH MORE FAST and EFFICIENT Netowkr54 forum…. it’s a pre-skype and pre-audio feed era discussion tool that I will AGAIN, despite his comfort zone with this slow “crappy” stuff– invite Ab and fans to try. Ab your material is great– your voice is great– and the audio is excellent but the rest of the site with the gadgets, lousy inconvenient forums, slow comments, slow chat, turnstyle pictures– are all OUT OF SYNC with good method of style… so– I’ll just post links here in comments to my forum until you finally “get it” and do aan N54 forum…. where the latest comment pops to the top fast where veryone can see. IRON MAN– is the topci here… and I’ll continue my take on your excellent post here…

    1. ab Post author

      Hi Rick. I’ve looked at network54 many times and don’t find it any easier to use. I will look at different themes to speed things up if possible and even remove some gadgets. WordPress is still one of the top codes out there and I do like the gadgets. The site is faster with cloudflare as well.

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