Blame the Jewsuitsons

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I am beginning to lean more and more towards the idea that despite how 0;obvious” it is that group A or group B is “in control”, it’s really an illusion that is being blamed.

If you blame an illusion, those that you send chasing after them will never find a meeting place, never uncover a secret stash of papers, and never find 0;them” all together at the same time naked worshipping naked at sacrifices.

As long as those that rule over us 0;get it”, they can just keep referring to a simOrganization and never worry about repercussions.

Why wouldn’t simTerrorists doing simEvents via their simTerrorOrganizations being doing it for an all powerful simOrganization?

Concepts of the mind as so much simpler to manage and organize. They build whole simIndustries of extortion on concepts that you can’t detect with your six senses (nuclear anyone?)

This outburst was simply a planned event to distract and blame an illusion. I call this imaginary group the Jewsuitsons,,,an all encompassing group of evildoers that the real perps can blame.

House Stenographer Outburst Recalls Masonic Conspiracy Theories Past And Present.

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8 years ago

Tom said Tom-Dalpra
October 18, 2013 – 2:29 pm
A Jew got the star role in the Bible and that was 1700 years ago at least

My comment- Uh– Jesus was not a Jew– either in the narrative or possible reality. It was a virgin birth, and Jews require Jew moms.

arthur king
arthur king
6 years ago
Reply to  rickpotvin

Jesus was a virgin birth. His mom was Jewish. There’s no way around Jesus being Jewish. “– Jesus was not a Jew– either in the narrative or possible reality. It was a virgin birth, and Jews require Jew moms.” This comment Is obviously self contradictory. Not only was Jesus jewish, but so were the Apostles. And any Christian who loves his Bible, with both the Old and New Testaments, is culturally half Jewish. Western Civilization is Judeo – Christian / Greco /Roman. Don’t tell anyone but Moses was Jewish too and so were Adam & Eve and all the rest.… Read more »

8 years ago

The idea might be good, but I don’t like the term Jewsuitsons so much. Looks like it is compiled by the tribe and Jesuits and masons. On Capitol Hill I have never noticed that they are so afraid of the last two terms or entities. Regarding the Israel lobby on the other hand, I suspect they will behave like trained seals:… So the term Jewsuitsons is compiled by two not very potent terms or entities and one that defiantly have some obvious influence (to put it mildly). How about Illuitssons instead? Sounds like a really scary gang to me… Read more »