Can I even say Hitler?

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If you’re as dazed and confused about WW2 and as I am, you’ll do well by getting the other side of the story at a fellow Canadian’s site called Justice for Germans.

My main reservation on is that he was a world leader, and I have such distrust of all leaders put before us anywhere on the planet that I can only wonder if he was just as contrived. The fact that he is the most disparaged personas in the history of the planet doesn’t help either.

Either way, I still am amazed at the volume of information coming from this pro-German website and happy to be able to at least view it. The fact that Germany is on a free-speech lockdown, so we are told, makes me even more curious to know what really happened during WW2 and who and Germans really were.

Based on the grand lie that is 9/11, we know for sure we didn’t get the correct story. So what was the real one?

A short video I made contrasting and comparing the actions and policies of modern day America with those of Adolf Hitler. Is America now the “Fourth Reich”? Is it run by “evil Nazis”? Or has somebody been lying and fear mongering? This is a slideshow presentation of images with text overlay, including many authentic quotes by Adolf Hitler.  Run time: 11:09

via Video: Adolf Hitler vs The New World Order | Justice for Germans.

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11 thoughts on “Can I even say Hitler?

  1. Blue Moon

    I’m convinced Hitler was a composite- Even his name is likely an intelligence alias as Schicklgruber was still bandied about in satires of the “figure” during the war- I think the pre-WWI Hitler was known of and used by British and German collaborators as an asset- His WWI exploits are likely a fictitious narrative, complete with bravery and a spiritual conversion tale about being blinded and having his special revelation in Pasewalk hospital regarding his future “destiny”- Helmuth von Moltke the Younger, one of the key generals of WWI supposedly had a similar “spell” before attacking at the western front- I wonder if this kind of St. Paul-like vision was common in German aristocratic circles where mysticism was the order of the day and a “leader” (Führer) had to have one of these divine visions on his resume to be considered legit-
    Here’s how I break it down:
    Podium-speak Hitler: The guy who rails at the world in front of assembly hall audiences made up of appreciative Nazis- Clearly an actor- Teutons only get loud when they are drunk- This character was something new and unusual-
    Meet and greet Hitler: The figure in the newsreels that shakes hands with the likes of Mussolini (another bombastic performer), pets dogs and pats kids on the head- Also stands at the balcony and takes the salute from the goose steppers-
    Liaison with the General Command Hitler: The guy whom the generals brief on what they are planning so he can explain in layman’s terms to Podium-speak Hitler what to say- This is likely the original British/German spy with some military experience that other soldiers vaguely recall and whom reinforce the lies about his past military career-
    Table Talk Hitler: This is the creative Hitler, the autodidact who bummed around Vienna thinking he was an artist- After dinner, TT Hitler would ramble on about this, that, and the other as if he knew beans about anything- He’s the important psychological template from which the composite “Hitler” was formed and whom the other Hitlers synchronize their personalities and public/private utterances and behaviors- For example: Table Talk Hitler is a vegan, so all the other Hitlers have to be seen eating only vegan- Table Talk Hitler has the girlfriend named Eva, so the other Hitlers can’t be seen with women-etc..
    The real powers are NEVER seen- That is the oldest axiom in the political playbook-

    1. ab Post author

      This is a fascinating concept.

      Do you think that Obama is also a composite? My gut reaction is no, but as with all this awakening, NOTHING surprises me.

      Adam from seems to think there are two Obamas. I’m not sure if he means literally or figuratively, but I’d guess the latter.

      I’m convinced that McCartney and Jackson were switched out at least once each … is this possible for world leaders? Can dopplegangers be run concurrently?

      All fascinating questions.

      1. Blue Moon

        I think Barry Soetoro is a manufactured “person” known as Barack Obama (which apparently means lightening from above, referring to Satan, if you contort the Hebrew and Aramaic enough in Luke’s gospel) He’s an actor who reads off a teleprompter- Nothing more- He (or his doubles- and he surely has them, plus CGI image bank files for TV) shakes hands and may have to tell an anecdote once in a while about his childhood and multi-culti extended family, all of which was scripted for him years ago- He’s a born and bred lodge member that can be trusted to front for the PTB- Very simple concept- His great legacy, Obamacare, is being rolled out just as the ex-middle class who can’t afford the legal drugs anymore turn to healthier options, like self-imposed behavior modification therapy (eating organic, exercising, etc.)- To get people back on the poisons, this half-caste/half American actor is selling this chemical warfare program to the bleating hearts who have their mouths wide open, wanting their master to toss them jelly beans- The bleat goes on…

        1. Blue Moon

          Pondering Michael Jackson, his very public, long range transformation from black man to white woman looks to me now like an introductory guide to the deliberate androgenization of western youth- This is a population reduction tactic, long term and insidious, incessant, hard to see but eventually I think it will be resisted and possibly reversed- There are too many suspicious minds out here now- His image is as dead as my late Aunt Rose, but the actors that portrayed him/her are probably walking around in drag in plain sight-
          The Faul McCartney project still generates huge revenue with a living Paul, so Faul lives on into his seventies and puts on three hour concerts- I even heard him from my back porch when he played in Golden Gate Park a month or two ago- 71 y/o, my eye!

  2. Herge Degrelle

    That’s my bidness

    @ “My main reservation on Hitler is that he was a world leader, and I have such distrust of all leaders put before us anywhere on the planet that I can only wonder if he was just as contrived. The fact that he is the most disparaged personas in the history of the planet doesn’t help either.”

    Your second statement contradicts the first. If he was a world leader and you DON’T trust any leaders charismatic enough to be followed by 50 million people, then the fact that Hitler is the single most disparaged leader in the history of the planet SHOULD help you overcome your prejudice or ‘main reservation,’ and consider WHY such a non-stop 68 year / 24-hour-a-day / 365-days-a-year black-propaganda campaign of disparagement should be used to smear his name and accomplishments.

    Below are words from Denis Sefton Delmer, British chief propagandist after the capitulation of Germany in 1945 to the then German expert on International law Professor Grimm:

    “We won this war with atrocity propaganda and now we will start more than ever! We will continue this atrocity propaganda, we will increase it until nobody will accept one good word from the Germans anymore, until everything is destroyed which might have upheld them sympathies in other countries, and until they will be so confused that they don’t know what to do anymore. When this is reached, when they begin to pollute their own nest, and this not reluctantly but with hasty willingness to obey the winners, only then the victory is complete. It will never be definite. The reeducation demands thorough, steadfast nurture like an English lawn. Only one moment of inattention and the weed will break through, this ineradicable weed of historic truth.”

    Delmer was the head of “black propaganda,” meaning forged documents. He managed not only groups of people working in this type of work, but also managed the relevant radio stations. He was a personal friend of the British Information Minister. In June, 1944, the Information Ministry sent out an official directive to all the higher-echelon civil servants and managers of the public media, instructing them that with the Red Army sweeping into western Europe, they would have to expect incredible cruelty from which they could distract world attention only through a strengthened atrocity propaganda campaign against Germany.

    Sefton Delmer was the head functionary who carried out this work for the British government. His main method was to lie as exactly as possible so that the lies couldn’t be uncovered right away. After the end of the war in occupied Germany, Delmer co-ordinated the “black propaganda” campaign with the French, the Soviets and the Americans. These co- ordinated lies and inventions could not be recognized as such right away. Delmer’s work in occupied Germany lasted until 1947. During that period he and his staff forged a wealth of German documents which reached official files.

    He described this work to a large extent in his own book. Udo Walendy testified that most of these forged documents had the Germans committing a large number of war crimes when no such crimes were committed at all. Delmer provided the documents to the British Ministry of Information which in turn sent them to the Nuremberg trial as actual official documents. The International Military Tribunal, pursuant to the London Agreement, did not check whether the documents were true or false, but simply entered them as evidence of “generally-known facts.” Because they were considered authenticated official documents, they had now been introduced into history books.

    In this situation, Walendy testified, even officially published documents had to be analyzed to determine whether or not they were forgeries.

    The propaganda master succeeded in his mission of true lies to enforce a guilt complex upon the German people post WW2, which in part still exists to this very day.….…

    So, in light of the above, even Hitler’s faults have to be weighed against the tremendous pressure he was operating under with literally his entire country’s future independent survival on the line. Remember also that an all-out economic WAR was declared on Germany in 1933, as soon as Hitler came to power.

  3. Herge Degrelle

    who dat ?

    “The Jesuit: The Obscurantist without a Homeland.” A Propaganda Pamphlet by Hubert Hermanns (1933)…

    The NSDAP declared the Catholic order of the Jesuits “public vermin” [Volksschädlingen] – the same term it used to describe the Freemasons. Its members were persecuted as criminals. Conspiracy theories about the Jesuits had circulated since the seventeenth century, and the order had already been banned repeatedly. During the National Socialist regime, these conspiracy theories were put in the service of the goal of reducing the influence of the Jesuits, who ran secondary schools and engaged in youth work. Entitled “The Jesuit: The Obscurantist without a Homeland,” this propaganda pamphlet by Hubert Hermmans warned against the Jesuits’ “dark power” and “mysterious intentions.”

    “Hitler’s plane landed, and he emerged, deathly pale and grim-faced. He nervously complimented Göring on the honor guard, of four hundred handpicked air-force troops drawn up on the tarmac, wearing their still-secret Luftwaffe uniform. ‘The men are a good racial selection,’ he commented.

    At the Chancellery he told Göring that he had ordered the execution of all Röhm’s senior henchmen but proposed to spare his longtime friend Röhm, for old times’ sake. Göring gagged on this sentimentality. All the next day, Sunday, July 1, he and Himmler badgered Hitler to carry through the purge to its ruthless and logical conclusion.When Darré arrived at Göring’s ministry that Sunday afternoon, he foundGöring and Himmler still arguing with Hitler. Once, Hitler insisted on being put through by phone to Röhm’s former deputy, Krausser (he had consulted this distinguished cavalry officer two nights before). Too late – on Göring’s orders, Krausser had received his ‘Oscar’ at Lichterfelde a few hours earlier. By the time Milch arrived at the ministry, from a leisurely sporting afternoon spent at Berlin’s Karlshorst racetrack, the argument was over and Röhm, too, had been shot to death in his Munich prison cell.

    Eighty-four people were known to have been liquidated in the purge. ‘Of course,’ Göring airily conceded later, ‘in the general excitement some mistakes were made.’ There was the unknown musician Willi Schmidt, gunned down in mistake for Willi Schmid. And there was the air-force Pour le Mérite holder Daniel Gerth, on whom Göring took compassion. This SA lieutenant was driven off, like all the others, to Lichterfelde . . . propped up before the SS firing squad . . . reprieved on Göring’s orders . . . then shot an hour later.

    Tabula rasa, a clean sweep. Hitler was out of his league in such company. It dawned only slowly on their private staffs that Göring and Himmler had duped their Führer completely, in order to settle private scores. Brückner was present as Himmler read out the final tally. Hitler was speechless with grief at some of the victims’ names.

    With his accumulated enemies thus largely neutralized, Göring recommended that the killings should stop. He would later suggest that he had to plead with Hitler all that Sunday:

    Finally I hurried around to the Führer and begged him to put an
    end to the shootings, as there was a danger of the thing getting out
    of hand. The executions then halted, even though this meant that
    two of the Führer’s worst enemies – [Werner] von Alvensleben and
    [Dr. Leon Count] von Moulin-Eckart [Röhm’s adjutant] – escaped
    with their lives.

    A remorseful Hitler, bilious after the bloodletting, ordered proper compensation paid for the ‘mistakes’ and pensions for all next-of-kin. As for Göring, his gargantuan appetite was unaffected. On Monday evening he organized a celebratory crab feast and invited his fellow ‘managers’ Blomberg, Himmler, Körner, and Milch to crack claws with him.”

    —- from “Goering, A Biography” by David Irving

    Pages 148-149…

    Note: Christopher Jon Bjerknes, the author of the “Jewish Racism” blog is a quarter Jew in ancestry himself but unfortunately does some ridiculous “Hitler was a Zionist Agent” Jim-Condit type of shilling. However, the research below into what the Jewish religious writings teach about behavior towards non-Jews are from direct sources and quite solid:

    #1 Bestseller Proves that Usury Is an Ancient Jewish Plan for World Conquest…

    The Jewish Problem, Part 3: The Jews in Banking…

    The Universal Enslavement of the Non-Jew, Part 1: The Ancient Jewish Plan for World Domination Found in the Old Testament…

    The Universal Enslavement of the Non-Jew, Part 2: Jewish Supremacism in the Torah Proper…

    The Universal Enslavement of the Non-Jew, Part 3: The Genocidal Jewish God Commands the Jews to Exterminate the Goyim…

    The Universal Enslavement of the Non-Jew, Part 4: The Genocidal Jewish Prophets…

    How the Jews Have Employed Torah Doctrines to Destroy the Goyim…

    Psalms as American Foreign Policy…

    Genocidal Jewish Segregationist Racism in the Cabalah, Talmud, and Torah…

    According to the Jewish Cabalah, Talmud and Torah, Gentiles Are the Slaves of the Jews…

    The Jewish Desire to Exterminate Non-Jews…

    The Jewish Genocide of the Palestinians, Part 1…

    The Jewish Genocide of the Palestinians, Part 2…

    Israeli Settler explains Zionism to Palestinian farmers…

    So, in essence, the good Jew can obviously only be the genetic Jew that’s secular plus non-Zionist and rejects ALL of the above criminal and immoral teachings completely.

    This is what Benjamin Freedman and Myron Fagan did. This is what Gilad Atzmon, Brother Nathaniel Kapner and Michael Rivero have done (regardless of any other shilleries such as 9-11 plane-hugging) and most famously Bobby Fischer:

    Chess legend Bobby Fischer’s open letter to the Encyclopedia Judaica demanding that his name be taken out because despite his genetic background he had never been a Jew or subscribed to the Torah/Talmud criminal codes of Judaism.…


    P.O. Box 50307
    Pasadena, CA 91105
    June 28, 1984

    The Editors
    The Macmillan Company
    866 Third Avenue
    New York City, NY 10022


    Knowing what I do about Judaism, I was naturally
    distressed to see that you erroneously featured me
    as a Jew in ENCYCLOPAEDIA JUDAICA. Please do not make
    this mistake again in any future editions of your
    voluminous, pseudo-authoritative publication. I am not
    today, nor have I ever been a Jew, and as a matter of
    fact, I am uncircumcised.

    I suggest rather than fraudulently misrepresenting me
    to be a Jew, and dishonestly abusing my name and
    reputation as a kind of advertising gimmick to improve
    the image of your religion (Judaism), you try to
    promote your religion on its own merits–if indeed it
    has any!

    In closing, I trust that I am not being unrealistically
    optimistic, in thanking you in advance for your
    anticipated cooperation in this matter.

    Truly yours,

    Bobby Fischer,
    The World Chess Champion

    c: Keter Publishing House
    Jerusalem Ltd.”

    1. Herge Degrelle

      @” Jew that’s secular plus non-Zionist and rejects ALL of the above criminal and immoral teachings completely.”

      Christianity or some other religion works as well. Freedman became a Catholic, Kapner is a Russian Orthodox

      So, in light of the above, even Hitler’s faults have to be weighed against the tremendous pressure he was operating under with literally his entire country’s future independent survival on the line. Remember also that an all-out economic WAR was declared on Germany in 1933, as soon as Hitler came to power.

      German Marks needed to buy one ounce of gold – jan. 1919 – nov. 1923…

      “I’m so despondent about everything. Everything I try goes totally wrong. There’s no escape from this hole here. I feel drained. So far, I still haven’t found a real purpose in life. Sometimes, I’m afraid to get out of bed in the morning. There’s nothing to get up for.” — Excerpt from Joseph Goebbels’ diary, July 17, 1924.

      Can you blame the guy when one ounce of gold by November 30, 1923 was worth 87 trillion marks?…

      How would you feel if your entire country was fucked over and bought out from under you for literally nothing in such a shameless manner ?

      As if this wasn’t enough, these assholes had the balls the declare war on Germany in 1933 as soon as Hitler got freely elected into power and through 2/3 majority in parliament and the enabling act became dictator and made it clear that he wanted all property illegally stolen during the hyperinflation from starving destitute Germans returned and all Jews that opposed this return of stolen property to leave his country.

      Judea Declares War on Germany 1933…

      That’s ALL of Judea that declared war. Go to the link and read the original article from 1933 for yourself:

      “All Israel is rising in wrath against the Nazi onslaught on
      the Jews. Adolf Hitler, swept into power by an appeal of
      elemental patriotism, is making history of a kind he least
      expected. Thinking to unite only the German nation to race
      consciousness, he has roused the whole Jewish people to national renascence.”

      Were these elite Jews who declared war worried about this or that Jew there that did not agree in declaration of war for all of them ? Of course not ! Why ? Because they were in the minority and they would have to go along with the tide of their supremely powerful bankster and Zionist leaders. Gertrude Stein is the only prominent full Jew I know of that railed against the rest of the J-tribe uber-fraudsters at the time and not only that but nominated Hitler for the Nobel Peace Prize (see below).

      Was Hitler right that it was most of the Jews (less than 2% of the population) that were causing problems in Germany and that passing racial laws against all of them would solve this problem quickly and efficiently ?

      Fuckn’ A Right !!

      The quick (2 years) and miraculous German economic turnaround, in spite of the above ‘war declared’ is the ultimate proof that everything he blamed on the Jews he blamed because they were involved in sabotage, fraud and criminal activity and not simply because they were Jews:…

      Could he have done the same by just deporting the criminal Jews and letting the rest be ?

      Probably. But you have to realize that Judaism, both the Torah and the Talmud kind teaches and encourages criminality and immorality against non-Jews, I.e., the gentile goyim or “cattle” (see the “Jewish Racism” research links into what the Jewish writings say about non-Jews at the end of the post)

      The Jews as a group had stabbed Germany in the back far too many times and he wasn’t willing to trust anyone from that particular extended family or tribe, especially since few would speak out against their criminal co-tribalists. They were a small enough percentage of the population that deporting all of them gradually became the pragmatic option.

      “The Western democracy of today is the forerunner of Marxism which without it would not be thinkable. It provides this world plague with the culture in which its germs can spread.”-Adolf Hitler (Mein Kampf)

      When a politician pre-emptively whacks a few enemies in so-called ‘peace-time’ (like Goering and Himmler whacked 84 people who were causing trouble for Hitler in “The Night of Long Knives,” see the David Irving excerpt at the end of this post) to consolidate power, he is called a criminal, sometimes even a ‘monster’ and never forgiven no matter how many other great works he accomplished, but when a soldier whacks hundreds of enemies on the physical battlefield he’s given medals and called a great hero even if he’s nothing but a plumber in civilian life. He might even drop a bomb and kill thousand of people with a clear conscience. As we know, the Enola Gay Little Boy (nice name, huh? Think that’s a coincidence ?) bomber guy died without any regrets and in a 2002 interview said he would do it again !!…

      To understand the psychology behind such insanity, the required reading is Stanley Milgram’s classic “Obedience to Authority”:…

      Peter Gabriel wrote a song about it called “We Do What We’re Told (Milgrams’ 37)”

  4. Herge Degrelle

    @”The fact that Germany is on a free-speech lockdown, so we are told.”

    Not just Germany but 17 countries in total, of which Germany is only one, are in free-speech lockdown.

    Bosnia and Herzegovina
    Czech Republic
    The Netherlands

    So there is NO QUESTION whatsoever that Jews rule these 17 countries lock, stock and barrel since only their dogma and no other ethnicity’s is protected by laws with prison sentences and big fines attached. In fact, Horst Mahler is now breaking the record for holycost denial imprisonment with a combined 12 year sentence:…

    Like I already said, if you think Mahler is sipping cocktails in a country club, you can test the laws on the books by going to any of the 17 countries there and start doing public readings of holohoax revisionist writings in public. When they throw your ass in the clink, you can just tell them you were there on journalistic assignment testing the laws and see if they’ll let you go home.


    Actually you can got to prison in Canada also if you violate your absolutely bullshit “hate-speech” laws which basically means calling Jews Jews in public. You don’t have to start blurting out slurs, all you have to do is call a Jew a Jew. Jews are the only people that are offended if you call them what they are: Jews. You don’t have to use slurs, just calling them Jews to their face or saying “so, you’re a Jew, huh ?” is considered rude in a racially discriminatory way and therefore “hate.” You are required to proceed with caution and always use Jew-ish if you bring up a Jew’s being a Jew at all. In this connection it’s instructive to watch this famous scene from the 1976 film “The Bad News Bears”:…

    Notice that he didn’t have to use “kike,” and simply using “Jew” is considered a slur whereas with Hispanics, he has to use “spics” and with blacks “niggers” in order to drive home the characterization of a bigoted kid.

    This, of course, is done INTENTIONALLY by Jewish-owned Hollywood to program millions of people that simply naming a Jew or calling a Jew a Jew is just as bad as calling another race by a racial slur. Burt Lancaster’s son wrote the script and it’s irrelevant that he wasn’t a Jew since most writers already know and have internalized the unwritten rules of the game, what the bosses allow and what the don’t. The propaganda filter is probably done 80% in the writing stage.

    Did the Wachowski brothers (now brother and sister ‘Lana,’ post penis-slicing, which backwards spells ‘anal,’ actually brother and he-she) put that 09 / 11 / 2001 passport expiration date in the Matrix themselves or were they told to put it there ? It has to be one or the other since someone secretly putting it there without them knowing is out of the question, especially after the fact. The directors watch every shot of the movie hundreds, sometimes thousands of times in the editing stage and they never would miss that detail anymore than the audience did. So if they paid someone to go on a secret mission and secretly put it there then AFTER 9-11 they would have said “We didn’t put that there.” These “We Are Change” guys should corner the Wachowski sisters and ask them why the fuck is that date in your goddamn movie motherfucker ? Just like that, in those very words. lol

    With the Supertramp album cover though it’s almost certain that they had no idea their album cover was being used for a bizarre predictive programming message of an event 22 years in the future.

    Did you know that if you name your kid “Adolf Hitler,” you will have him taken away from you ? The state considers this automatic child abuse whereas you can name your kid after Mao and Stalin and Che Guevara and any of these bastard commies any time you want:

    Baby Hitler Parents Lose Custody of All Three of Their Kids…

    Did you know that you’re not allowed to sell even a ONE INCH figure of Hitler on e-bay but you can sell bronze statues of Stalin and Mao ? Search for Hitler statues on e-bay and then search for Stalin, Lenin, Mao, Che Guevara or Castro statues and realize once-&-for-all who tells e-bay what they’re allowed to sell and what not.
    One-inch Hitler is banned by eBay…

    “Everything is discussed openly in Germany, and every German claims the right to have an opinion on any and all questions. One is Catholic, the other Protestant, one an employee, the other an employer, a capitalist, a socialist, a democrat, an aristocrat. There is nothing dishonorable about choosing one side or the other of a question. Discussions happen in public, and where matters are unclear or confused one settles it by argument and counter argument. But there is one problem that is not discussed publicly, one that it is delicate even to mention: the Jewish question. It is taboo in our republic.

    The Jew is immunized against all dangers: one may call him a scoundrel, parasite, swindler, profiteer, it all runs off him like water off a raincoat. But call him a Jew and you will be astonished at how he recoils, how injured he is, how he suddenly shrinks back: ‘I’ve been found out.’” -Joseph Goebbels writing in 1929

    Sound familiar ?

    More from the same article:

    “4. The Jew has nothing to say about German questions. He is a foreigner, an alien, who only enjoys the rights of a guest, rights that he always abuses.

    5. The so-called religious morality of the Jews is no morality at all, rather an encouragement to betrayal. Therefore, they have no claim to protection from the state.

    6. The Jew is not smarter than we are, rather only cleverer and craftier. His system cannot be defeated economically — he follows entirely different moral principles than we do. It can only be broken through political means.”…

    Gertrude Stein’s Complex Worldview

    Nobel Peace Prize for Hitler?

    By Mark Weber

    Scholars of the life of Gertrude Stein were recently startled to learn that in 1938 the prominent Jewish-American writer had spearheaded a campaign urging the Nobel committee to award its Peace Prize to Adolf Hitler.…

    THE late Stanley Kubrick once remarked that “Hitler was right about almost everything,” and insisted that any trace of Jewishness be expunged from the “Eyes Wide Shut” script that author Frederic Raphael was writing for him.…….

    Kubrick ‘Memoir’ shocks Spielberg

    By Army Archerd…

    Maybe that had something to do with Spielberg’s early death in addition to filming those rituals in his terrible last flick “Eyes Wide Shut,” by far his worst film. Who the fuck with that much money dies in his 70’s unexpectedly ?

    Spielberg completely exposed once-&-for-all for the complete douchebag liar and black propagandist that he is:…

    When people say ‘the Jews’ did this or the Jews did 9-11 or the Jews did that, this doesn’t mean that they’re saying all Jews did it collectively or that all Jews were responsible but that enough Jews were involved in relation to their low numbers in the population (100% of the clearly busted operators or 5 out of 5 on 9-11: Silverstein, Rosenbaum, Feinberg, Hallerstein, Meyerowitz vs. 2% of the U.S. population) to implicate them as planners and leaders of the criminal operation.

    Even when Hitler and Goebbels said that Jews were responsible for Germany’s economic rape in the 1920’s and most of the rest of Germany’s problems, they made it clear that they did not mean ‘all Jews’ but that they had no way of telling which Jews they could trust to put Germany ahead of their own usurer-led J-tribe:

    “I’m convinced that there are Jews in Germany who have behaved correctly, in the sense that they’ve invariably refrained from doing injury to the German idea. It’s difficult to estimate how many of them there are. But what I also know is that none of them has entered into conflict with his co-racialists in order to defend the German idea against them.” — Adolf Hitler

    « Among them there was a great movement, quite extensive in Vienna, which came out
    sharply in confirmation of the national character of the Jews: this was the Zionists. » « In a short time this apparent struggle between Zionistic and liberal Jews disgusted me; for it was false through and through, founded on lies and scarcely in keeping with the moral elevation and purity always claimed by this people. » – Adolf Hitler, Mein Kampf

  5. John

    I have researched WWII and Adolf Hitler quite extensively. In a nutshell, he was the greatest leader of the 20th century. He was a nationalist standing up to the “New World Order” and the forces behind it (who happen to be the same forces behind all these PSYOPS, like 9/11, Sandy Hook, and the fake “Holocaust” story of WWII). I highly recommend reading Mein Kampf. Also, google “Adolf Hitler – The Greatest Story NEVER Told!” and watch the entire documentary series. I interviewed the gentleman who produced this documentary a while back.


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