ep69-Brian Tuohy

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ep69-Brian Tuohy

Showtime: Saturday, October 19, 2013 9:11pm EDT

Brian Tuohy of www.thefixisin.net/ will talk about his latest book, Larceny Games.

How much of your life have you spent watching televised sports, attending games, talking about sports, listening to radio, checking websites for updated scores, and then taking in SportsCenter or another highlight show at the end of the day? How much of your thoughts have been consumed with the upcoming game? How many nights have you stayed awake wondering how your team blew that huge lead? How often have you reminisced about that impossible comeback win as if you played in the game? How much money have you emptied out of your pocket on tickets, DirectTV packages, bets, jerseys, hats, trading cards, autographs and overpriced beers over the course of your lifetime?

From Simon:

Wayne Gretzky 0;99” and his links to the WTC


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10 thoughts on “ep69-Brian Tuohy

  1. wanda

    I have spent maybe a month or two of my life… going to ball games, playing softball, bowling, listing and selling memorabilia on ebay…, things like sweatshirts and trading cards. All in all, just a pass-time.

    Although, i personally know, and have made fun of, people watching bowling or golfing on t.v. or Olympic synchronized swimming… i’m like, really? Synchronized swimming… for real? It is fairly bizarro when you think on it. It places people under a spell.

  2. smj

    i’d like to hear a theory on the mechanics or techniques of controlling the outcomes of ballgames. perhaps, all you need is the arbiters or coaches to control an outcome. maybe some athletes are on board as well? i don’t know.
    i do have an anecdote. i had an uncle who started a game 7 in a world series, his number was 26. we watched that game 7 many times; if it was a hustle, i’m sure he wasn’t in on it. however,the ump is a different matter. one inch here or there, and my uncle was unhittable.

  3. Banazîr Galbasi

    Hi Ab. Here are my questions for Brian:

    1. Since 1993 no Canada based team has won the Stanley Cup. Is this a league wide financial decision or a coincidence?

    1a. Do you think there was much tampering with the NHL before Gary Bettman, or is that why they really brought him in as it seems to work so well for the NBA?

    2. At what point do you think a league will predetermine its eventual champion? Do you think they really only tinker a little bit or pull out all the punches with a grand scheme?

    2a. Case in point the 2010-2011 Colin Campbell and son scandal where the league disciplinarian was father to a Boston Bruin player who made it to the finals and won. Conflict of interest or merely a distraction?

    2b. There are many examples of tradgedies happening in cities and their local sports teams doing well and as a result help to ‘rebuild’ or bring together these cities as a symbol of triumph. For example the 2013 ‘Boston Strong’ motto that ran the Bruins to the finals to near victory in the wake of the Boston Marathon bombings. Do these leagues jump on the backs of these psychological operations bandwagons, or are they more integral, perhaps almost pertinent to these very operations?

    2c. Would you agree that there is a fair amount of evidence of favortism as leagues elevate certain players sometimes over and above their teams, going so far as bending rules (especially in the playoffs) as they see fit to acommodate them? In ’89 it seemed a forgone conclusion that fan favorite Lanny McDonald was going to win the cup for the Calgary Flames before he retired that year. The league allowed an illegal off the skate goal in the first round to eliminate Vancouver. In ’94 the New York Rangers were even advertised by the league as cursed since 1940 and how Mark Messier was going to get them out of this rut and win them the cup. In the dying minutes of the Rangers finals game six loss, Messier blatantly cross checked Vancouver’s captain Trevor Linden in the face, breaking his nose. No penalty was awarded and Messier was allowed to play in game seven, even scoring the winning goal.

    3. Given the lack of Canadian wins and few Canadian teams in the finals (Calgary 2004, Edmonton 2006, Ottawa 2007 all in a row, strange in and of itself) is it safe to say that if and when this ever allowed to occur will Toronto be the likely candidate being the most well known city north of the border?

    3a. Having said that will a Toronto Stanley cup ruin the Leafs ‘loveable loser’ personnae ala the Chicago Cubs?

    4. What do you make of following coincidences – Chris Pronger goes to the finals with the Oilers in ’06 and loses. The following year he goes to the finals again with the Ducks and is granted a win. – For every time the Canucks made it to the finals and lost their hometown counterparts the CFL BC Lions are granted a Grey Cup win (as if to appease the city) (Canucks ’82, Lions ’85, Canucks/Lions ’94 and Canucks/Lions ’11.) – Olympic games held in host Canadian cities are granted Stanley Cup wins the following year until Bettman came along. Montreal ’76/’77, Calgary ’88/’89, Vancouver ’10/oops..

    5. Has Brian ever noticed the masonic numbers of alot of star players are multiples of 11. Messier 11, Daniel and Henrick Sedin 22/33, Patrick Roy 33, Lemieux 66, Lindros 88, Gretzky 99 etc. ?

    6. Do you consider it nefarious or necessary when a league changes its rules allowing past mistakes to considerably alter the corse of gameplay? In ’89 after the allowed Calgary kick in goal they added instant replay which now dominates hockey and is left vague and up to interpretation as it suites te league. The Edmonton Oilers used to dominate 4 on 4 hockey and the coincidental penalty is a rule that has been added and removed various times through the years. The no man in the crease rule came in and went out later a result of the contriversal Cup winning goal scored by Brett Hull in 1999.

    7. The 1988 Wayne Gretzky trade has to be one of the most convoluted news stories ever, to this day we never get a straight answer from all the parties involved. Was this one of the first league appointed moves to generate more shared league revenue than was available with Gretzky in Edmonton?

    7a. Did Wayne Gretzky get his wife Janet to take the fall for his own ilegal gambling ring?

    8. What do yo know about Pavel Bure and Jaromir Jagr’s involvement with the Russian mafia and how did it affect the NHL?

    9. What do you make of the unlimited funds available to owners, players or league personnel that have foreknowledge to bet with certainty of outcomes and win a fortune over and above their enormous legal salaries?


  4. JohnnyClues

    Ab – Maybe you could ask Brian about the Aaron Hernandez murder case (new England patriots TE)as well, which also relates to Wolfman9’s question, about where the world of sports and psyops come together.

  5. sami

    Awesome! Loved “The Fix Is In” … Brian is a great interview, thanks for having him on, looking forward to it.


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