Ep71-Wally Dove

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ep71-Wally Dove

Showtime: Sunday, October 20, 2013 3pm EDT

Wally Dove will join us and explain debt-based money.






Coronation Oath



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6 thoughts on “Ep71-Wally Dove

  1. Gabriel

    If you end up getting Wally back on I would like to hear more about how things would work if we changed the system. I know he wants to get to the point that we no longer use money but that might be too much for the masses to handle all at once. If we started by nationalizing the money supply what else would he do in those first steps?

    What I like about Wally is that he gets right to the issue. I’m to the point that the I believe there are just greedy people running the place. Everything else we are told is fake or contrived. All the distractions such as fake shootings, fake deaths, fake disasters, fake truthers, fake news, fake aliens, fake religions, fake science, etc is just to keep us spinning. I’m ready to change the system and get rid of all that mess.

    1. Wally

      I agree that transiting from the monetary system we currently suffer under to a system of no money wherein we take our excess production to the Storehouses (such as computer stores, grocery stores, automobile stores, etc.) for others to pick up and enjoy, is difficult.

      Therefore, in the interim we need a righteous monetary system wherein government discharges its constitutional duty to create our money supply and provide it to us free of charge.

      In this way we have the tools (money) that would allow us to freely exchange our goods and services using money without suffering under the current debt slavery monetary system with added interest paid to private bankers who created the money out of nothing, a system that originated in ancient Babylon.

      As more people learn the truth, the change will take place, it is inevitable.

  2. Carys

    Great interview with a very aware guest. Thanks Ab. Couldn’t agree more with his views on money and its main purposes: to control and enslave us and to steal from us. He explained it very well. We simply don’t need it and it would be a different world if we all rejected its use and chose to trade our talents directly with one another.

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