Gravity crashes, sinks and stinks

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Your humble fakeologist took his research to the Imax theaters today to investigate the progression of NASA fakery to 2013.

Sadly for them, the fakery in concealing lead actress Sandy Bulloch’s almost-50 year old face was possibly the best CGI effect of all.

The movie was quite frankly sad. Having read that the dunk tank was ignored and suspension wires employed to depict floating in space took away the mystery for me. I found myself thinking of tetherball, as the two floaters were flung around space, caught in various strings and tethers and wires. The floating effect was almost lost on me, and I found myself longing for NASA’s stock ISS floating fakery, with hairgel and toothbrushing and space tweeting and singing.

The models of the fake station and space shuttle craft were quite a big step down in detail and special effect. They almost looked plastic, and the imagery had a washed out, almost cartoon feel to it. No HD detsil here.

The destruction scenes were B grade as well. The space junk punching a cartoon pattern in one of the space floater’s face reminded me of the cookie cutter plane imagery of the WTC “hit”. The re-entry scenes were cartoon like and not even NASA fskery level either.

The storyline was beyond belief-suspension realms. Holding on to.a fake station at 1000 MPH, using a fire extinguisher to propel through space were just silly ideas.

George Clooney in his spaced out suit is a dead ringer for Buzz Lightyear.

The numerical references were almost exclusivley occult. Too many 9s and 11s to count.

The only sombre moment was when Sandy contemplated certain death, but that was quickly interrupted by a comic relief hallucination sequence with George.

Overall it seems Hollywool holds back on its movie propaganda so as not to upstage its official NASA division fakery.

If you are looking for a good story or good fakery, you will be disappointed.

Save your money and go to the NASA site instead.

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1 thought on “Gravity crashes, sinks and stinks

  1. lux

    “Overall it seems Hollywool holds back on its movie propaganda so as not to upstage its official NASA division fakery.”

    And, therein lies the film’s raison d’être, I suppose. To present what the public knows is fake so it looks fake in comparison to the “reality” [cough] of NASA’s hoaxes. That plus a dose of gaga juice for NASA’s “heroic” astro-nots.


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