Madeleine McCann – a European Jon Benet Ramsey?

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Is this non-solvable case a replica of the Jon Bonet case? What could some of the memes be of this potential psyOps? Discourage travel of Britons to southern climbs? Irresponsible parenting?

The disappearance of Madeleine McCann occurred on the evening of Thursday, 3 May 2007, in Praia da Luz, a resort in the Algarve region of Portugal.[2] Madeleine, from the UK, was on holiday there with her parents, Kate and Gerry McCann, her twin siblings, and a group of seven family friends and their five children. She went missing from her bed in the McCanns’ holiday apartment nine days before her fourth birthday.[6]

Madeleine and her siblings had been left at 20:30 in a bedroom in the ground-floor apartment, while her parents ate with their travelling companions in the resort’s tapas restaurant 50 metres (54 yards) away.[7] The parents or friends checked on the children throughout the evening; Madeleine’s mother discovered she was missing at :00. The Portuguese police at first assumed she had wandered off or had been abducted, but after misinterpreting a British DNA analysis they came to believe she had died in the apartment, which placed a cloud of suspicion over her parents.[8] The McCanns were named as suspects (arguidos) in September 2007, but were cleared in July 2008 when Portugal’s attorney-general closed the case.[9]

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Madeleine McCann

Madeleine McCann (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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17 thoughts on “Madeleine McCann – a European Jon Benet Ramsey?

  1. Faye

    I Just stumbled upon a video:

    Madeleine McCann, A Masonic Deception MM = 33…

    at about 03:00 and onwards the author speaks about the faked passports of G. McCann and K. McCann.

    This convinced me that the whole story was a staged event and that the child probably was a fictitious creation to pull the hoax. Uff.

    The images below are from the

    1. xileffilex

      this link culled from official records will show the registered birth of Madeleine and her twin siblings. [and one other non-related birth]
      If you suggest the child is fictitious, then the inference is that either birth records are faked, or deaths not recorded for future psy-ops. I have no idea but it’s a stretch too far for me, especially the former. We know official death records are faked on an industrial scale but that’s as far as I can go.

      This is a high profile and well protected psy-op, so trust nothing. One interesting snippet from the wiki page, if it’s trustworthy – the child was made a ward of court shortly after her disappearance.

  2. xileffilex

    Bridget O’Donnell splashed her story over 6 months later in the Guardian – December 14 2007…
    following on from when

    31 October 2007, Jeremy and Bridget were visited at their home address by DC 1756 and DC 4356 from the Leicestershire Op Task team.…
    which serves to distance the pair from the McCanns initially.

    This forum mentions an estate agency which was set up around the same time with the name O’Donnell – McCarrick…

    The agency is here – note the wonderful fuzzy image……

    MCCARRICK & O’Donnell is a real estate agency with a difference… it’s an all-woman team that listens to its clients’ every need. Opened in April 2007, the office is conveniently located opposite the marina, along the main Avenida in Lagos. The business, which was started by director Elaine McCarrick, specialises in the western Algarve, although the majority of their portfolio is located around Lagos, Praia da Luz and Salema. – See more at:…

    July 18 2008
    There is no mention of how the O’Donnell name was included in the business
    Address: Avenida Dos Descobrimentos 43I
    8600 Lagos, Algarve, Portugal……

    Earliest capture of the website – August 30 2008…

    No mention of any O’Donnell here…

    Somebody on the Havern forum comes up with the names in the fuzzy photo…
    Gillyspot on Fri Jun 27, 2014 7:44 am

    Left to right on your picture & my link (see above) they are Elaine McCarrick, Antonia Duarte, Nina Abbott & Gill Courtney.

    This did indeed beg the obvious question why the name of O’Donnell was incorporated into the company and gillyspot did not respond…..or how the writer knew who was in the photo.

    Jes Wilkins is well known for the TV programme “My fat gypsy wedding”…
    Here he is defending his production from critics –…

    In any case the estate agency has been shut down [June 2013]……

    and is now in Dubai in the Middle East with CPI Media,…
    where another McCarrick works –……

    1. xileffilex

      and how we love coincidences…
      The husband of the estate agent who may or may not have named her business after Bridget O’Donnell was a professional footballer…
      last spotted running a soccer school for children 4–16 years of age on the Algarve, last archived 2013…

      However, this is what caught my eye:

      In May 1985 he was a member of the Lincoln City team playing Bradford City at Valley Parade when a stand caught fire and 56 spectators were killed.


      Oh dear oh dear oh dear, what have we here? Mark McCarrick is a contributor to the “disappearance” fable of Maddie McCann!…

      The contributors note that he’s an ex- footballer, but don’t link him to the name O’Donnell in the estate agency…..

      Express prints this on 5 May:

      ‘ Praia da Luz resident Mark McCarrick said the girl might have simply walked out of her room. “The parents left the door ajar so they could keep going over and looking at her.”

      this is the first and last mention of Mark McCarrick in the UK press – so how did he know the door was open when everyone else was still claiming it was locked?

      The Express article is here dated May 5 2007…

  3. psyopticon

    Qui bono?

    The McCanns (if that’s even their name) supposedly appealed to the European Parliament, pleading for greater surveillance and cross-border data-sharing. “They believe a European version of Amber Alert – which notifies the public via media across America when police confirm a child has been abducted – would have helped the search for their daughter in the crucial hours after her disappearance.

    The McCanns’ “charity” – Leaving No Stone Unturned Ltd – which apparently raised millions – turns out not to be a charity after all; just another private business with no charitable goals, and no published accounts. It seems the perps just leached the funds for their own fun and games. The donations were used to keep the psyop afloat, bankrolling PR flunkeys like royal propagandist Clarence Mitchell and other stooges including Esther McVey MP. See:…

    Mad McCann might also have similar goals to the Al-Hilli psyop (British satellite expert and family apparently assassinated on French soil). A psyop to entwine two separate propaganda networks (Brit & French in the Al-Hilli hoax, and Brit & Portuguese in the McCann scam). The bringing together of two Nutworks allows foreign junketing on the public purse, sharing of tips and techniques, enhancing of working relationships, and plotting and scheming over future frauds, etc.

    1. xileffilex

      Total psy-op, psy. The accounts of No Stone Unturned are avalable, except for 2014-5 which has inexplicably not been filed…

      One small query – Kate McCann’s birthplace is given in various online sources as Huyton, in the then Prescot registration district, but her birth was registered in Liverpool South. Is that normal? Susan J Kennedy and Brian E Healy married in Liverpool North district, a little nearer to Huyton.

      And here’s the funny bit..…

      A person can legally be declared dead after seven years under British law despite the absence of direct proof of the victim’s death.

      Family spokesman Clarence Mitchell said last night: “Kate and Gerry are fully aware of the declaration of death. They still believe Madeleine is alive and are not applying for a certificate presuming she is dead. That is the last thing on their minds.”

      1. psyopticon

        The news that British cops are winding down their £10 million investigation into the 2007 disappearance of “Madeleine McCann” in Portugal has renewed interest in this suspected hoax.

        Firstly, about the accounts for Madeleine’s Fund: Leaving No Stone Unturned Ltd., mentioned by Felix. I wasn’t very clear: it is a private company with no share capital; seemingly with no aspirations of becoming a charity, which is unusual given what it was purportedly set up to do. It publishes a cursory Annual Report- here’s the 2014 Report. As a private company with no share capital, it isn’t required to disclose anywhere near the level of accounting information expected of a charity. Nor is it subjected to the same level of monitoring. Not being a charity also means it enjoys no exemption from tax. It’s also limited in its ability to tap traditional charity funding sources. e.g. it’s unlikely to receive money from the government (viz Kids Company) nor from the National Lottery Fund. Instead it relies entirely on (very) private donations.

        As for whether or not the disappearance of Madeleine McCann is a hoax; perhaps we go even further and ask whether Madeleine McCann ever existed in the first place. No doubt there is a birth certificate registered some place in her name, for what little that’s worth. But since Madeleine was only three when she purportedly vanished, it wouldn’t require a lot of back-story to manufacture a fake life for her.

        However, more pertinent perhaps, are the following curiosities; discovered in the voluminous British press reports – and in the mountains of paperwork made public, we’re told, by the Portuguese police.

        The McCann family apparently arrived in Portugal on the same flight from Britain as the O’Donnell-Wilkins family. Gerry and Kate McCann travelling with daughter Madeleine,3, and twin siblings Sean and Amelie, aged 2. And Bridget O’Donnell and partner Jeremy Wilkins travelling with their two children — an 8 year son,and a 3 year old daughter of their own, whom the Portuguese police confused for “Madeleine”(!) The two families even travelled in the same taxi from their airport to their neighbouring apartments in Praia da Luz.

        At the time of the disappearance, Bridget O’Donnell was a Producer for BBC Crimewatch. For over 30 years, Crimewatch has been Britain’s main crime and policing programme on television. A curiosity indeed that the McCanns should, quite by happenstance, end up holidaying with the producer of this pivotal crime programme; a programme which was soon to feature so big in all their lives.

        It doesn’t stop there though. O’Donnell’s partner, Jeremy “Jez” Wilkins is also a TV producer. Like his partner Bridget, he too had worked on BBC Crimewatch. But Jez Wilkins is perhaps best know for producing the TV reality show “World’s Greatest Hoaxes”.

        Wilkins show was distinctly banal; being based mainly on confidence tricks pulled off with the help of insiders. Perhaps the programme’s best remembered stunt was the famous soccer player hoax. Wilkins’ crew persuaded (i.e. bribed) the security team at a soccer ground – Old Trafford(?) to allow a completely unknown man to run out on to the pitch, in full kit colours, at the start of a game, running alongside genuine players from the soccer team. It was clear that Wilkins and his team were in on all these hoaxes, pulling levers and paying off people, to actually make the stunts work. Once you realised that, it wasn’t very funny at all.

        So there we have two of the McCanns new-found holiday friends – Jez Wilkins and Bridget O’Donnell. Two media insiders; both with backgrounds in producing the BBC’s main crime reporting programme, and one who produced a programme on hoaxes, of all things! Fancy that!

        1. ab Post author

          Had the world known all that from the beginning we all could have safely ignored the story forever. Good find.

        2. xileffilex

          The McCann family apparently arrived in Portugal on the same flight from Britain as the O’Donnell-Wilkins family. The two families even travelled in the same taxi from their airport to their neighbouring apartments in Praia da Luz.

          Psy – what’ s your source for this?
          I only see them arriving with Tanner//O’Brien/The Oldfields “according” to Wilkins

          Jeremy first met Gerry at a tennis coaching session held by staff associated with the Mark Warner resort on the first Monday of their holiday (30/05/07).

          [my comment – that’s a strange error – it should be 30/04/07]

          It does seem more likely that it was a hoax charter flight with all on board.

          There’s a fairly recent [in the psy-op timeline] blog post from February 2015
          which dissects Wilkins’ self insertion into the script via the Rastafarian lookalike rabbit hole, which I won’t copy but it’s archived.

          [the writer thinks Maddie McCann died in the early evening of May 3rd, 2007 and the whole charade was to cover up swinging…. ignore that]

          There’s an interesting comment, the second one, by
          Anonymous 6 Feb 2015, 10:44:00
          who reaches a similar conclusion, that Wilkins is a player in this.

          Look who alerts Bridget O’Donnell to this blog post!

          Les Dawson
          ?@Les_Dawson Bladderman??!! @Bodonn #McCann…
          8:49 PM – 6 Feb 2015 [GMT]

          No answer.
          Yes, everybody has been taken for a ride, and it has kept thousands of people in work. That’s entertainment.

          PS I have no idea about this, but can one just registered a fake birth? There is no need to produce a baby at registration – and it could be anybody’s baby.
          The birth certificate is here

          NO ONE has been prosecuted for falsifying a birth certificate in the last 35 years

          FOI request, probably only UK

          There’s some interesting US work on “virtual birthing” [as well as virtual killing] here:
          August 9 2015

          It’s even easier to virtually birth a person than it is to kill them.


          1. psyopticon

            Psy – what’ s your source for this?
            I only see them arriving with Tanner/O’Brien/The Oldfields “according” to Wilkins

            Sorry, you’re quite right. I was misreading the comments under a Youtube video of a trailer for the BBC DIY SOS programme. The Youtube uploader — an interesting fellow, KaOssis — reckons the child in the programme trailer is (a) O’Donnell’s daughter, and (b) served as “Madeleine” for the psyop. Quite possibly both true, but based on nothing more than suspicion; unless he’s an insider with a hat-tip?

            There are so many rabbit-holes left for the unwary studying this psyop. Including the drivel you pointed out about the McCanns being “swingers”. By design it’s difficult to make headway when reading any of these “Sleuthing the McCanns” sites.

            The video below apparently shows the McCanns travelling in a transfer bus from Faro airport to the Praia Da Luz resort.

            Commentors under this video reckon that “Madeleine” — wearing pink of course — is oddly disinterested in her supposed father Gerry McCann.

            Disinterest that is explained, or so they claim, by the girl not being “Madeleine” at all. But the daughter of O’Donnell & Wilkins. The McCanns had simply “borrowed” O’Donnell’s daughter; letting her assume the identity of their fictitious “Madeleine” for the brief period before she went “missing”. Again, quite possible.

            So much speculation here, though. It’s a psyop that doesn’t feel like it even warrants our attention; especially not after all these years.

            There are some really big clangers nevertheless; planted like eggs in an easter egg hunt; just waitin’ to be discovered. So many brazenly photoshopped images of “Madeleine”. And as noted on Cluesforum, Kate McCann’s dodgy portrait-like passport photo too:


            That impossibly fake passport was supposedly released to the press – without comment – by the Polícia Judiciária. Which should leave us questioning the authenticity of all the other documents the Portuguese cops so generously made available online.

            The Portuguese cops manufacturing rabbit-holes of their own? Even the British libel action by the McCanns against the lead Portuguese detective – Gonçalo Amaral – and an earlier suit against a renegade British lawyer who called the McCanns’ bluff – don’t feel at all sincere. Just vehicles to elevate the burnt-out psyop to the top of the headlines once again?


            What do you make of the late Brenda Leyland, the McCann ‘Twitter troll’? Prolific twitterer, Mrs Leyland apparently killed herself after being confronted by Martin Brunt of Sky News over her online trolling of the McCanns.

            Was Brenda Leyland yet another rabbit-hole?! It seemed odd that Leyland, 63, would rent a room in the Marriott Hotel, Leicester eleven miles from her home at Burton Overy, simply to kill herself. But maybe she didn’t want to dirty her own carpet?

            According to the inquest into her death, held by Mrs CE Mason HM Coroner for Leicester, Brenda Leyland committed suicide through “asphyxiation with helium”. Very unusual, but hopefully she went out on a high note:


            Leyland doesn’t even look 63 in the footage or photos; quite attractive, if I may say, for an online troll; takes all sorts:


            Brenda Leyland’s son, Ben Leyland, an Oxford graduate who now lives in Los Angeles, has his own Facebook presence, naturally. Yet Ben feels contrived; very forced and mechanical. Lacking that human spirit; none of that youthful spark that you normally find in young people in their idle twitterings on social media:


            But of course Ben leaves the all-important if brief Facebook comment about his mother’s tragic demise – — “I love you mum and I will miss you forever” — which the press immediately picks up on, naturally.

            Unnaturally, Ben doesn’t even reply to, nor thank, nor even “Like” any of the 38 kind comments left in response by his supposed friends. How odd!..


            Very fake feel to him, just like this fauxtograph of Ben, also from his Facebook page, showing Ben apparently second from left. It looks like another composite image. The lighting on the subjects’ faces is so inconsistent. Even the bindi spots on their foreheads look ‘shopped:


            Dear oh dear; what on earth are these creatures about? Providing entertainment for the masses? Keeping perps in jobs?!

          2. xileffilex

            Yes, the Brenda Leyland nee Shevlin suicide is a pretty standard psy-op on the face of it. Coroners are lawyers, thus actors. I guess they roped someone “medical” in to sign the “death” certificate. As for Martin Brunt….

            No sign of her elder son in these proceedings, Daniel Paul. He keeps well away from it.
            Ben’s swerving career has a large lacuna in it – not doubting he was with K&K in NY however.
            See below, though.

            From the thoughts of Ben:

            Ben Leyland Sexuality is intense. Thank god! It shouldn’t be. In a better society sexuality choice would be equivalent to choosing between tea and coffee. However now we’re not so lucky…..[continues]
            1 · 13 August at 11:08

            Two sugars, no milk, please.

            Not quite sure how this pays the rent [starring Chief]
            or this
            [not bad, though, is he?]

            While his father played him historic roots rock American music, Ben found himself nostalgic for an era and a place that he had never experienced….

            ** Those seem like expensive session musicians. Have a listen.


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