What happened to news photographers?

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No need for sim-photographers, or fauxtographers these days. The fakers are using FACEBOOK as their photo fakers of choice. Perhaps this is the only way to legally have the pictures unaccountable or inexplainable to any law or authority.

Other things to look for in photos when looking for :

  • fuzzy images
  • washed out images
  • backlighting, often faked, to explain overexposed images
  • straight lines defining irregular shapes, like heads or bodies
  • people put in impossible positions (ie. appearing to float)
  • shadows going different directions
  • FACEBOOK, Youtube, Instagram, Twitter credited for image – may as well be anonymous
  • pictures in a story credited to a (sim)reporter. It appears many papers are using one or two reporters for all their works of fiction. Perhaps the reporters aren’t even humans (I try and avoid using the word person now)

If you have more tips, leave them below in the comments. Being a fakeologist makes reading the news so much more interesting.

Shocked Ottawa woman gives birth at home, not realizing she was pregnant | National Post.

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