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Where are all the 9/11 families?

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Great post by Simon on the 9/11 memorials, including the one in New Jersey where apparently the opening ceremony was canceled due to lack of interest. If there were real victims, then by extrapolation there would be real families, numbering into the 10s of thousands. Surely if even 10% of them showed up, you could have got a bit of a crowd? Where’s Bob McIlvaine when you need him?

Reflecting Absence into the Empty Sky

You may already know that the two big memorial pools at Ground Zero are called “Reflecting Absence”…


via National September 11 Memorial and Museum • Cluesforum.info.



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Sandy Hoax programming

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I think Stackpot’s correct in labeling this predictive programming of some sort.

based on this video:

this is the author’s profile:


(33 videos!) plus all the usual conspiracy type channels to make you think he’s on your side (and/or a kook).


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Turn up the conspiracy heat

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As 11/22 bears down on us, it’s amazing how well oiled the media machine that THEY own works. Right down to the timing of the release of his book (10/22), we see how framing the debate and controlling the propaganda/opposition works.

Here’s a throw-away interview with an author who may be involved in helping create the conspiracy theories of today. While I am sure psyOp divisions have stacks of authors creating fiction, I am also sure the publicly known authors must consult to assist in selling what’s popular.

This article (in clearly controlled Al Jazeera, who the average human might think would be on the opposing side of the Western media – ha! think again!), demonstrates how conspiracy theory research is a dead-end, do-nothing waste of time. Move along curious people, there’s nothing to see here. In fact, this author states that it’s down right dangerous to look into this!

Q. Reddit has made headlines recently in terms of people banding together in an online forum to solve things — the Boston bombings is one example, I know there have been others — I’m wondering if you have any thoughts on this crowd-sourcing approach and how the Internet drives theories?

A. I think the Internet is beautiful when it brings together facts. I think the Internet is dangerous when it brings together theories.

To borrow a line from Adam Curry on noagenda.comthank you for your courage fellow fakeologists! You’re doing daring work!

via ‘History Decoded’ author Brad Meltzer on how conspiracy theories evolve | Al Jazeera America.

ps: There seems to be a record number of books being propagated these days on JFK. Is this going to be the last major kick at the JFK conspiracy can for them?

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