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Public Relations or Mind Control?

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Very interesting page worth a look from the Book of Knowledge:  en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Index_of…


h/t Jan Erik

via Outline of public relations – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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Great Mississauga Train Derailment Hoax

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As referenced on last night’s call, we have this little gem that I consulted the wicked book of knowledge on:

By the occultic numbers

  • 106 cars
  • 33rd car derailed
  • 11 cars had propane
  • 3 cars of caustic soda
  • 3 cars of toulane


In this article, the writer and former lobbyist/association head wondered, on the 33rd anniversary of the event, when the next big rail disaster would occur. He didn’t have to wait too long…we had the Lac Megantic psYOp/hoax half a year later.

The 9/11 Trials

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The Toronto papers (and I suppose other worldwide media) sends their reporters to Cuba to cover the latest book in the 9/11 fairy tales. It’s being written on the fly. There certainly is no need to hurry this OJ-style, completely fictional trial. The longer they can delay it (timely justice is ignored in this case, conveniently), the longer they can carry this lie into the next generation of beLIEvers.

There have been months of pre-trial motions in the case, and there are still months of debates to go. Martins hopes the trial will start in the fall of 2014. Defence lawyers say that is wildly ambitious.

via Surreal scenes surround Guantanamo 9/11 hearings | Toronto Star.

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