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Maybe NASA will reveal the great lie one day and tell us it was all a spelling mistake.

It’s a haunting sight: a lonely astronaut clad in a spacesuit, standing in a gray, otherworldly landscape.

But why are bubbles coming out of the spacesuit? It turns out this “spaceman” actually worked at the bottom of the Mediterranean Sea during underwater training sessions conducted by the European Space Agency (ESA) when these underwater moonwalk photos were taken on Sept. 4.

via Astronauts Take Underwater Moonwalk In ‘Apollo 11 Under the Sea’ (Photos) – Yahoo News.

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Not as quick as the WTC

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I suppose having the dump trucks line up the same day would have been too obvious, but it appears that the school will be replaced by one costing 10x that of a normal school and that the demolition crew is sworn to secrecy. Even if none of this were true, it still should make the average person question whatever happened at Sandy Hoax.

“Contractors Reportedly Told To ERASE EVERY INCH” Of Sandy Hook Elementary School – YouTube.

h/t No Agenda Show

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I love to live!

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Warning: Don’t read this website, or other “conspiracy” websites. You may want to off yourself after.

Like the other researchers, he is wary, or perhaps that should be weary, of delving into the darker recesses of the conspiracy world.

“The minute you get into the JFK stuff, and the minute you sniff at the 9/11 stuff, you begin to lose the will to live,” he told the audience in Cambridge.

via BBC News – Are conspiracy theories destroying democracy?.

For me it’s quite the opposite. After learning what “they” have been up to this past lifetime or so, I’m relieved to know that most or all of the evil and fear they’ve been spreading is false. Now I want to live and help others live even more!

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Hit and run with non-citizen hoax

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Another incident, another anti-bullying-on-the-road website, with so many suspicious aspects, including a funeral at what I call the psyOp funeral home, a “twin” brother (like the twin ass-tro-not Mark and Scott Kelly), a non-citizen “rapper” who is held in federal jail, no details of the charges (court details), fuzzy pictures from Youtube.

Jose Renteria was sentenced to three years and four months for the hit-and-run that claimed the life of the Ajax boy, according to media reports. The Ecuadorian rap artist had pleaded guilty to dangerous driving causing death and failing to remain at the scene.

via Mother of Ajax boy killed in hit-and-run describes heartache of her loss | Toronto Star.

Does this site seem like it was created by the family, with a tagline like this?


Justice Advocacy for Children Over Unruly Drivers and Bullies

JACOUB   Justice Advocacy for Children Over Unruly Drivers and Bullies