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Maybe will reveal the great lie one day and tell us it was all a spelling mistake.

It’s a haunting sight: a lonely astronaut clad in a spacesuit, standing in a gray, otherworldly landscape.

But why are bubbles coming out of the spacesuit? It turns out this 0;spaceman” actually worked at the bottom of the Mediterranean Sea during underwater training sessions conducted by the European Space Agency (ESA) when these underwater moonwalk photos were taken on Sept. 4.

via Astronauts Take Underwater Moonwalk In ‘Apollo 11 Under the Sea’ (Photos) – Yahoo News.

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1 thought on “Aquanauts

  1. pru

    Aquanauts makes me think of the Age of Aquarius which we are supposedly heading toward or are now in (they are very vague about when it begins, of course). Spacemen under water are just Mermen with legs instead of a tail.

    Mer – relates to the sea or water. And two legs are like the number eleven. Two legs, twins, twin towers. The Boston Marathon fakefest was all about legs being blown off. How many people allegedly lost legs or had leg injuries? Lots.

    Aquarius – the 11th sign of zodiac – is the water-bearer.

    Jordan Maxwell equates water with money and says we are controlled by Maritime Admiralty Law. This is a pretty good short video about it.…

    I’m not a big Jordan Maxwell fan – his constant use of the word “consequently” is really irritating – but I’m obsessed with words and symbols and how they are used to control us.


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