I love to live!

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Warning: Don’t read this website, or other 0;conspiracy” websites. You may want to off yourself after.

Like the other researchers, he is wary, or perhaps that should be weary, of delving into the darker recesses of the conspiracy world.

0;The minute you get into the stuff, and the minute you sniff at the 9/11 stuff, you begin to lose the will to live,1; he told the audience in Cambridge.

via BBC News – Are conspiracy theories destroying democracy?.

For me it’s quite the opposite. After learning what “they” have been up to this past lifetime or so, I’m relieved to know that most or all of the evil and fear they’ve been spreading is false. Now I want to live and help others live even more!

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4 thoughts on “I love to live!

  1. Herge Degrelle

    Good news ? Please !!

    An article with ‘Sir’ Richard “Skunky” Evans (major holohoaxer and David Irving’s arch-nemesis) purporting to be the authority figure guiding the conspiracy-curious into the proper interpretation of conspiracies so as to short circuit their logic and free thought with yet another limited hangout narrative ?

    They do this all the time. They have to pretend to allow free-thought and free-speech in order to control both.

    “None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free.” ~ Goethe

    They have to reinforce the false belief in order to get the hopeless enslavement.

    If you doubt that your belief in your “freedom” is false, try not paying your property taxes on a home you otherwise think you own “free-&-clear.” Don’t forget to pay the rest of your extortions and protection money in taxes upwards of 60% in combined income and myriad hidden taxes in the USA and your 4 dollars a gallon in gas while Venezuela only pays 39 cents !! Go to the airport and risk having a complete stranger feel your nutsack in front of everyone like this lucky “free” guy here or the poor old 80 year old fart next to him having his shoes checked :


    “That path has been so deeply carved that people just slide right into it.” Joe Rogan

    Limited hangout = carving the side paths towards the end of the river’s run so it never becomes a sea

    “Come to lucky-in-lovin’
    I never had no complaints.
    They never said I was evil,
    But then, I wasn’t no saint.
    I’m just a river that rolled forever
    And never got to the sea.
    I ain’t blaming nobody;
    I had it coming to me.”
    –Kris Kristofferson


    “Although men possess unequal powers, they nonetheless possess equal rights. Rights are not based on powers : because of the moral nature of justice, they are based on the fact that in each man the same will to live appears at the same stage of its objectivization. Yet this is valid only in respect of original and abstract rights, which man possesses as man. The property, likewise the honour which each man has acquired by means of his powers are in accordance with the measure and the nature of these powers and then extend to the sphere of his rights: it is here that equality therefore ceases. He who is better endowed or more active in this respect extends through his greater acquisitions, not his rights, but only the number of things to which they extend.” ~ Arthur Schopenhauer

    “I have shown in my chief work (Volume II, chapter 47) that the STATE is essentially no more than an institution for the protection of the whole against attacks from without and the protection of its individual members from attacks by one another. It follows that the necessity for the state ultimately depends on the acknowledged INJUSTICE of the human race: without this no one would ever have thought of the state, since no one would have needed to fear any encroachment on his rights, and a mere union against the attacks of wild animals or the elements would bear only a very slight similarity to a state. From this point of view it is easy to see the ignorance and triviality of those philosophasters who, in pompous phrases, represent the state as the supreme goal and greatest achievement of mankind and thereby achieve an apotheosis of philistinism.” ~ Arthur Schopenhauer

    “The question of the sovereignty of the people amounts at bottom to the question whether anyone could have the natural right to rule a people agianst its will. I cannot see how that question could be answered affirmatively. It is therefore a fact that the people is sovereign: but this sovereignty never comes of age and therefore has to remain under the permanent care of a guardian: it can never exercise its rights itself without giving rise to limitless dangers, especially as, like all minors, it is easily fooled by cunning imposters, who are therefore called demagogues.

    Voltaire says: [i]‘Le premier qui fut roi fut un soldat heureux.’[/i] All princes were no doubt in fact originally victorious commanders, and for a long time ruled as such. Having acquired standing armies, they regarded the people as a means of feeding themselves and their soldiers, that is to say as a herd which one looks after so that it may provide wool, milk and meat. This is based on the fact that, by nature and from the first, it is not [i]justice[/i] which rules on earth but [i]force[/i]; force has the advantage of the [i]primus occupans,[/i] which is why it can never be annuled or really abolished from the world: it must always be appealed to, and the most that one can hope for is that it will stand on the side of justice.” ~ Arthur Schopenhauer

    And these European ideas of freedom echoed by Thomas Jefferson, de Tocqueville and others lead us directly to maybe the greatest essay on liberty ever written:

    Lysander Spooner

    Vices Are Not Crimes

    A Vindication Of Moral Liberty


  2. lux

    “We live in a golden age for conspiracy theories. There is a growing assumption that everything we are told by the authorities is wrong, or not quite as it seems. That the truth is being manipulated or obscured by powerful vested interests. ”

    Good news indeed!


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