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Yet another interesting topic brought up on Chris’ last call was that 70% of all 0;female” politicians are actually male. I find the claim ridiculous, but I’ve thought things ridiculous before and been wrong.

Here are a few examples that Markus brought up as being males disguised as females…what do you think?


Kathy Griffin


Here’s a confirmed transvestite:


Then there is the Premier of Ontario

Kathleen Wynn

I don’t really buy the whole transgender agenda gender-bender meme, but perhaps I am missing something. There are lots of women that look like men, and many men that look like women – without hormones in the womb or food. I agree that the whole Sonny and Cher and Chastity presentation is and was like a bizarre circus act, but I’m not convinced it was planned and contrived.

I’ll try and keep my mind open, without my brain falling out.


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8 thoughts on “Man or woman

  1. khammad

    Markus, Markus, Markus. He continually takes other peoples shows off course. If I wanted to listen to him, I would dole out the loot. Now, on to “Man or Woman”. Markus talked about Sandra Lee. She used to live in Bonney Lake, WA, where I still live and teach. Sandra’s sister, with her 3 children still live here. One of my students was Sandra Lee’s nephew. One day, he brought in pictures of Sandra Lee and him fishing in the White River for trout.

    Even if Markus did not live in the same city as Sandra Lee, like me, he could still have researched her life before opening his mouth and spewing out garbage. The whole subject of Man or Woman lacked your usual quality of thought and made you all seem like a bunch of … I am searching for a word that is not as harsh as ignoramuses. Come on guys, what is this now, People Magazine? The Enquirer?

    I often wonder why Markus takes everyone off subject and why he strives to divides the fakeology community. Surely you do not need Markus to come up with topics of discussion for your Raw Radio shows. As hungry as I am for every morsel you speak I would rather you just say goodnight than entertain any more of Markus’s meanderings.

    I just can’t take him anymore.


    Kathy Hammad

  2. Blue Moon

    I mentioned this in another post comment but I think the Michael Jackson transformation from black man to white woman was a long range theater piece designed to draw out and encourage anyone on the fence about their sexual identity- That aspect of the personality never gets much of a mention when discussing motives: that is, sexual identity- There is a legend about Hitler having only one testicle- If true, does that mean anything regarding his personality? Latent sexuality in men often manifests itself in cruelty- J Edgar Hoover, I don’t think he was gay, per se, but his frustrating lack of a libido certainly shaped his puritanical world view- Perhaps this transgender/trans-humanist agenda is designed to take sex out of the equation altogether and keep outlier personalities like Jackson’s and Hoover’s from reappearing- Too unpredictable, even though those two volunteered to help the culture creators in their dirty work-

  3. ArmunnRigh

    It has nothing to do with these people actually being transvestites, but with the objective of turning both genders into a single indifferentiated unit. Women trying to behave like men (the strong woman figure) and men trying to behave like women (the sensitive man figure) are traits actually promoted by the media. What is wanted is that amidst the confusion, a new being will emerge that will be neither man nor woman, but the new human of a brave new world.

    Here’s an excerpt of an article I wrote years ago, should it be of interest:

    «The curious thing is that nowadays, with the cybernetic, genetic and pharmacological revolution, we are coming to a time in which man starts to realize that he no longer needs the woman to generate life. The robot, for example, whose imitation of the human being is getting more and more perfected, is seen by him as his creation, a human creation (movies like, for example, “Wall-E” are clear propaganda for that).

    Then, we have the possibility of selecting and genetically manipulating the children in the future and it is already possible to generate life in vitro, that is, without the woman, without the womb. Pharmacology has aided this cause as well, through the nefarious effect that, for example, the contraceptive pill and other chemicals utilized in the making of food have on the woman’s fertility (and man’s as well). Another effect of this change is the strengthening of the image of the “headless” woman (Mother), that is, the body-woman, the object-woman.

    Advertising completely changed the way we see ourselves and, also, how a woman should be: a body that is too thin, shapes that are too voluptuous and an attitude of supposed independence (but that is aligned with the maintenance of the social structure based on emergency and competition and that is, for that, profoundly dependent) very close to that same one that made man abdicate his feminine principle. Moreover, the woman is the target audience of all advertising, for even the campaigns related to masculine products aim to bring the man closer to the Woman (here with capital “W”) that was lost somewhere in a forgotten past. The woman feels driven to align herself with those images as well, because for her it is a matter of survival: she will either acquire the right body and attitude or she will remain forgotten in a corner of some psychosocial cell. This is so true that it is already possible for man (and woman) to have sexual satisfaction (or a substitute for that) without partners, through the technological paraphernalia which transforms the complementary gender into mere genitalia, completely autonomous for the task (excluding the need for whole and real partners). However, both are still eternally looking for each other while hiding from themselves, in a paradoxical game. These perversions reveal that now man and woman no longer need to be fully bodied.

    The future that awaits us all, if it keeps going this way, is that of a planet without an inch of naked soil, for the whole Mother would have been covered for the use of man’s emergency world. A society in which we are no longer born but bred according to a standard, one that makes us place our biology and our psyche in symbiosis with the cold metal of technology. A future in which, at last, the Super-Man, the false-God, the Demiurge, emerges to take over the actual throne of humanity. A future in which there will be no more differences between man and woman, for they will merely be equal units, without any self value. This is what awaits us if nothing happens – if the woman does not go back to being a woman and man does not go back to being a man.»

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