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ep73-Fakeologist Radio Raw

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Saturday, November 2, 2013  9:11pm EDT

Thanks to:




Johnny C.


for calling in and talking about, as usual, a wide range of topics that emanate from the great 9/11 deception.

We  talk about Rob Ford Toronto Mayor Scandal, the LAX shooting event, and some of the week’s posts at fakeologist.com

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Who is Toronto Police Chief William Blair?

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After watching the above linked video of our police chief, I tend to agree that him getting involved in this affair and commenting on the mayor brings his integrity and role in this smear/fakery into question. Why is a chief commenting on a video that no-one can verify, on a mayor who hasn’t been charged with any crime?

Just who is this guy? What is his role? This is the second suspicious event he’s been part of – the first one being the Sammy Yatin streetcar hoax, that Johnny C. and I tried to deconstruct earlier. http://fakeologist.com/wp-admin/edit-tags.php?action=edit&taxonomy=post_tag&tag_ID=191

Robin Fisher will help me deconstruct his role and the Toronto police’s role in keeping Toronto at the forefront of psyOps.


9/11 voices with James Sloan

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Kiwi fakeologist James Sloan does a great show on the pre-recorded calls and voices of some of the actors from 9/11.



Here is the video he was playing:

James is from Brian and Justin’s group at http://www.therealnewsonline.com


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Building what

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More from Simon on explaining his idea of what’s behind the famous building 7:

That’s right: Bob Mc Ilvaine, Manny Badillo and assorted “mourning family members” are behind this well-funded “truth campaign” – all under the wing of the Richard Gage clown. The “BUILDING WHAT” propaganda is a most effective way for the perps to uphold the idea that people died on 9/11 – since the public will never suspect – and will promptly reject the notion – that these “mourning family members” are simply paid operatives working for the government. As you can see, there may well have been a pre-planned purpose for the “suspicious collapse of WTC7” – now that we know that 3000 people did NOT die on 9/11.

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Toronto video mayor “scandal”

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The country of Canada is being paralysed by this latest “capital of Canada” media event.

Johnny C and I are both looking at this event with 9/11 media fakery glasses. It’s clear to me that the much of the implicating imagery is fake.

That fact is quickly being ignored and pushed aside in the court of public opinion. The mayor has not been charged with anything in any court. Like the mayor or not, this is case of how a powerful media can be used to manipulate a situation.

The Toronto mayor is more of a symbolic rather than powerful position, unlike American cities. Since Ford could easily be real due to this fact, it’s a testament to his internal fortitude that he would put up with such a Fabian-style war against his character.

The question then becomes who is pushing this fake video? Is the Toronto police chief an active player or an unwitting dupe? Lots of questions with few answers. A major distraction that has fakery roots.

Toronto Star reporter on Ford video scandal | Watch the video – Yahoo News Canada.